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Friday, August 02, 2013

Random 5 Friday, It's Good to be Back

  • Missed the last couple of weeks, as I was traveling.  Hubby, DD and I had a wonderful time.  Take a peak here on my traveling blog.
  • Getting over a wicked allergy bout that hit again on our return from vacation.  We landed in a terrific rain storm that lasted too many days,  that seemed to reverse all the good I got from being in the beautiful, dry mountain air of Park City, Utah.
  • The work week was pretty nasty after vacation, we were over over booked, and understaffed, and it was a mighty long week.
  • Spent a good deal of time working on my mothers side of the family (doing the family tree), and think I've found a lost cousin we've wondered about for years.  Posted a long letter to him yesterday and have my fingers crossed that it is indeed him, and that I get a response.  Too bad some of these folks eluded me before, Mom would have enjoyed the additional information I found.   **edited becasuse this was a scheduled post to say, my cousin called last night-though I didn't get to talk to him he left a message so will make contact today...pretty excited.  
     These 2 pictures you can tell are from long ago, back in 1951, I was 1 then; and he's now 75.  Wonder if he played music all his life???  So many questions.
    Beyond the clues these 2 pictures tell us, he played trombone and liked dogs....I know very little about him.   Hope that will be remedied soon.  My cousin Lee said in his phone message it was good to hear from me.  Wonderful start.
  • Looking forward to a gathering of old neighborhood friends (from childhood) in my old hometown this wkend.  Some of you might remember I met up with one girl friend I hadn't seen in 50 years earlier this summer.  This is 2nd go round, but a few others are joining us.

This is the picture she took of me at President Hardings Memorial, a place we played often as kids.  This will be the meeting place again this week.  I love making connections.

I've been very disappointed so few have joined me in Memory Monday, so am trying once again to invite you all.  Monday's are often dreaded days, let's make them more fun.  PLEASE join me on Monday, post a photo and share it's memory with us.
  • Write your post, add the badge with a link back here
  • Add yourself to the linky that will be up on Monday with the post
  • Visits others, and have fun


  1. Family trees and connections resulting from them are wonderful-look forward to more family tree fun. I will try and get here Monday for your meme, it took me ages to join R5F's but I did finally join. I enjoyed all the infomin your R5.

  2. Sandy,
    Sounds like you have a lot going on. Keeps life interesting. Good Luck with your lost cousin search.

    Feel better soon. Allergies are no fun.

  3. I recently got started climbing my family tree. Once you start you just keep going. I wish I started years ago when there were more relatives around who could answer some questions.

  4. Love your pictures! I hope those allergies let up soon. My youngest has had a rough time w/ asthma this week.

  5. Nice, Sandy, the cousin re-uniting. We have had a few of these, some good and some with a few surpises too.

    I've been to Utah but no Park City unless we didn't stop. Maybe a couple of times or more that way. I think it is where you come out of the desert on I-70.

  6. i hate when my allergies get to winning ... no fun at all. i love traveling - hope you had a real blast. enjoy your weekend. ( :

  7. I will try to get on the ball this Monday! Sorry I have had so much going on around here and Monday is a work day....but I will try my bestest!

  8. How wonderful to have found a long lost cousin! Looking up members of my family tree has been fun too. :) So much history and interest there.

    I hope you find allergy relief very soon.

  9. Family tree work is interesting ...I did a wee little years ago and some cousins did far more later on. I've not posted about any it though I will look over my earlier posts as I think I should have a few things that I could use for your Monday get together even if they are older posts :)

  10. I can so relate to the allergy problem. I recently changed to a high protein diet and for whatever reason, my allergies have been much better.


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