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Friday, August 30, 2013

Random 5 on Friday

Goodness, it's been awhile since I've posted.  Fallen behind on all 5 blogs.  Partly because of work, partly because of doing LOTS of genealogy.  Partly because of computer issues, still not totally resolved.
  • Got notices from windows, Int. Explorer, and Mozilla FF that everything needed updating, argh.  I never use Internet Explorer, so haven't been doing any updates, seemed pointless.  I did the windows update, even though much of it seemed to be directed to those who game, who need more animation etc.  Started having issues with pop ups (something called pup.whitecloud and it's variations), so ran the long virus scan even though I'm set to do it daily at 3 am, also ran the malware quick scan which was suggested.  Thought it ran all the time, but I guess not the free version.  Found some junk and got it taken care of.  Few hours later the problem returned, so this time I ran a full malware scan and it found a few more (took several hours to run).  Then I thought maybe doing the update for Moz FF would help, as part of it was security related.  That made things MUCH worse!  While on Moz FF everything I went to my gmail or did a google search the problem came back.  After running a 3rd scan, I uninstalled the most updated version of Moz FF.  Did some reading and it seemed installing a much older version might be the solution, I did that; it was the most popular of the older versions.  It crashed.  So once again I uninstalled it.  After using Int. Explorer for a day a friend suggested I'd like Google Chrome better.  Yes, I like it better then Int. Explorer.  For one it keeps me signed in, where as Int. Expl, doesn't despite my clicking the box that says keep me signed in, remember my password.  But, I don't like Chrome better then my Mozilla FF.  Am attempting to get used to it.  The font isn't one to my liking, both in size and how light it is; very hard to read.  I read it's suppose to be able  customize...but I'm not seeing a way to do that without signing into chrome, opening another account which I really don't want to do...for fear it will automatically convert me to google+ which I want NO PART of.   Sigh
  • I've joined the smart phone generation and am getting used to it.  There is a learning curve, but so far am enjoying my windows phone.
  • I've not knitted or crocheted in a couple of weeks, might be a record for me
  • Been really enjoying the research I've been doing for a friend, learning so much about her family, and love that she and her family are so into it.  Also been researching for my SIL and have put trees on line for her, her sister etc.  Still also trying to solve some mysteries in my own family tree on my Mom's side of the family.  Have been quite successful with gaps that were there from years ago when I last worked on it; but still have several mysterious that are quite puzzling.
  • Didn't do my Monday Memory linking this past Monday, I'm just not getting any participation so am trying to decide whether or not to continue.  Will probably try it a few more weeks before making a final decision.  Soooooo, please........I know EVERYONE has memories.  Please swing back on Monday, join the linky and let's see if we can get this thing off the ground.

Hope you all enjoy your long weekend.


  1. 5 blogs, wow I can hardly keep up with one. Just got back into crocheting myself. I've forgotten how relaxing it can be.

  2. I use Chrome now after IE got a bug and wouldn't work anymore. I hate computer trouble! :)

  3. no fun to have computer problems. i can barely keep up with my one blog -- you must be wonder woman!

  4. Five blogs, wow, I'm with the rest in it is hard enough keeping up with one! I don't know what I would do if I had computer problems. Occasionally the internet isn't working and I go crazy. My husband has to adjust something to make it work.

  5. I just hate computer problems -- it usually means I made some changes that didn't work out too well. Hope yours clear up soon.

    Chrome does not work on my computer for some reason. I use FF and it's the best for me.

  6. Computers! Arghhhhh! I, too, never update my Windows Browser....so invasive, not to mention BUGGIE! Glad you finally got a handle on it. Sorry I haven't been posting to Memory Mondays but I've been out of town the last couple of weeks, and didn't take my laptop....kinda nice, to tell you the truth...but I'll be back posting if you keep it going. I know its discouraging when folks don't jump onboard and participate, but I've always enjoyed reading your posts. Finally, Welcome to the Android world. If you like scrabble, you might enjoy Words with Friends...just sayin' :) Hugs, and have a great Holiday weekend.

  7. When computers work the way they are supposed to, they are great, but when they mess up or get messed up...they are a real headache. My son is a computer tech support guy. I expressed a desire for a Mac & he said, "Mom, you won't like it. You'll get bored. They're too simple."

    Well, I did get a Mac & after a 3-month learning curve....I love mine. My son is right. It's simple to use & no, I'm not bored. Hope you get your computer problems fixed. Try Googling how for fix Firefox. They have a built fix for it. Save your Bookmarks before using it though or they'll be wiped out.

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  9. Computers. I think we all have a love/hate relationship with them. I was trying over the weekend to order a new phone for my son and it wouldn't work with Firefox. I had to close everything and start completely over in Chrome. I have all 3 browsers installed. I have one place that only worked in IE. My BANK won't work in Firefox. It's frustrating but not much we can do about it.


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