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Monday, August 05, 2013

School Daze, Memory Monday

Remember when kids dressed for school?  Here's a picture from the way back machine for you.  I'm in the middle, pigtails holding my package of school supplies.  This was the first day of first grade!  Welcome to another Memory Monday.

I sometimes wonder if the very relaxed/sloopy/anything goes as the dress code for school's today is reflected in the relaxed/sloopy/anything goes attitude of so many of our countries young people today?  Isn't dressing for the occasion a way to show respect for it, a way to show that's it's different then playing in your backyard, or hanging out with your friends.  What's appropriate in clothing, behavior, language etc isn't, or shouldn't be the same for school, as play or church.  People should act differently when with adults then they probably do with the kids their age etc.

Feeling old today I guess.  This photo was taken in Marion, Ohio the fall of 1956 I think.  The awesome part of this is, I've recently made 2 trips back to the neighborhood.  It looks very different with trees now grown, it was a very new neighborhood then built, for so many returning veterans.  The girl sorta behind me on my left, Debbie I just met up with this past Sat and had a wonderful visit with her, her younger sister Pam, and another friend, Wendy from those days so long ago. 

Join us for Memory Monday, no longer will Monday be a day that makes us groan.
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  1. I could have been standing right there next to you in that picture!
    I certainly agree with your comments about today's casual school attire. I wore a uniform from grade 1 - 12 and do believe it made a difference in the respect I had for education!

  2. this photo could have been taken by my Mom in Kamloops,B.C., Canada,in 1956 even the block of houses looks the same, war time houses they were referred to then. I cannot join in Sandy as my big computer is down and cannot figure how to post a blog with ipad, sorry. I enjoyed your post a lot.

  3. Thanks for the visit Lynn appreciate it. Maybe later when you get your big computer back you can come play.

  4. I think the necessary thing in this day and age when kids kill other kids just the take the shoes they are wearing, uniforms would be the ideal thing for all kids. Yep, I never, ever wore pants to school. Wasn't allowed

  5. I REMEMBERED!!! lol That's a miracle in itself! Yes, I think that the dress code in school has become too relaxed. But the dress code at church has, too....and at work. It just seems that nobody cares what they look like anymore. Sad, too. You sure were a cute little thing, weren't you? Nice neighborhood!

  6. I tried to link up....maybe I'm just not giving it enough time. Anyway, I posted a Memory Monday post and tried linking up...let me know if it didn't work.

  7. Paula right you are, uniforms could solve some real problems with attitudes, violence for the kids and be cheaper for the parents.

    Not sure why you had trouble linking up Davis, it usually works really quickly. I'll add you.


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