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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Whoa Nellie, it's Wednesday

wi progress wednesday badgeWell, I've made lots of progress on my Poodle Blanket. Believe I've completed 4 sections since my last post and picture and am at the writing of this (scheduled ahead a wee bit), almost at the half way point. Hopefully, by the time you read this I will be on the decreasing half vs the add a stitch half. Somehow, mentally that always makes you feel you're closer then you really are. After all it takes the same amount of time to do the 2nd half as it does the first half...or does it? You do perhaps spend more time on the first half decided when and where to change colors which is less of an issue the 2nd half....though realistically this one isn't x number of rows and it's not precise. No need to do that really with the yarn. I named this one Poodle Blanket since my last post because the colors make me think of the 50's and poodle skirts. And black and white saddle shoes. It's made with 2 different skeins of JoAnn's Sensations Rainbow Boucle. This yarn is listed as a bulky yarn and that always surprises me as it's very light weight to work with. It suggests size 10 needles on the label, but I grabbed size 8. To me 8 is the average, the one you use the bulk of the time with knitted worsted which is what the yarn seems to me like. It might go faster though with size 10.
poodle blanketI've made no headway with the red scarf for The Red Scarf Project since last time. Since it's a long way off, I've laid it aside for awhile. Likewise, the pretty blue with the long 300 stitch cast on..I've not done anymore on it either.
butterfly clothInstead I decided to cast on this pretty yellow butterfly washcloth. I needed a little project to tote around and this seemed like a good idea. The problem I'm having is the cotton fiber does not slid nicely on my Denise Needles. I probably should have grab some old metal needles for this project. It's fine for the regular knitted rows, and or even the regular pearl rows; but the rows where you're purling a purl it seems very tight and hard to move and is hard on my hands.

Both the yellow washcloth and the pink poodle blanket will be donated to those in need at Faith Mission, through Bridge and Beyond.

I've asked several people in their blogs, but haven't yet received a reply...so will ask here. Does anyone know how to make those little graphs you see on people's blogs that show percentage done on any given project? I've wondered that many times and would like to add a couple here, I think. I've seen them on RAV. as well, but am more interested in posting those here on the blog. Please leave your instructions in the comments. That way, others who might be interested will also see them, and I won't delete them in emails or have to go sort through to find them. Thanks


  1. My first dishcloth was a butterfly one!

    I can't help with the Rav feature, I did look on Rav once to do it but I think I got distracted and never finished doing what I needed to do. Hopefully someone will be able to help you out!

  2. i can't help with rav! i have been trying to work out how to do it too..so if you find out let me know :)

  3. Carole, too funny...both with the butterfly.
    Thanks Carole and Danielle for the visits, if I learn how to do the graph things will make contact and share the knowledge.

  4. What a cool dishcloth! I've never tried anything with a design like a picture before. Neat concept.

    Why don't you hook up with my crochet blog for WIP too?

    WIP - Back in Business

  5. Poodle Blanket is a perfect name---the colours definitely make me think of 50s soda shoppe outfits, too. And yay for Sensations rainbow boucle! My mom made a ton of little fluffy owlets with that yarn for craft fairs last year, and it worked really well for that application.

  6. Marie Anne, will hop over next week, on the way to work no more time. Thanks for reminder.

    Thanks Kathleen for the testimony about the yarn.

  7. You can add the progress bars easily. I have them on my blog and I learned how from Ravelry. There's a group called "we love progress bars" that's very helpful.

  8. I haven't tried it myself, but here's a starting point for the progress bars:


    PS - The poodle blanket is perfectly named, that's exactly what those colors remind me of.

  9. Perfect name for your blanket :) I'd be very frustrated with those needles. I've been know to switch out needles mid project myself ;)


  11. Thanks all, I'll try to find the directions is that group.

    Thanks for liking the name etc. of the blanket

  12. Love the name and the blanket itself. Just adorable!

    I'm always such a fan of washcloths/dishcloths. I made the dragonfly pattern, which is much like the butterfly one you're working on. It's a great color for it.

  13. Yay, dish cloth! I hear you about the cotton being rough on the hands though - I just knitted one right after making a shawl in lace weight merino. It felt like trying to knit with bailing wire! Awesome color choices on the blanket, too,

  14. I love doing wash cloths. Such an easy fun knit and useful. Wish I could be more helpful with the Rav question, but I can't. Good luck


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