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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Yellow Memories Mom

Mom' s yellow shawlI knitted this yellow shawl for Mom's 80th birthday.

While you can't see her well, here she is unwrapping it.
Mom holding up her shawlYellow was her favorite color. As I type this blog post I am wearing this yellow shawl. I'm not sure she ever got the chance to wear it, except perhaps while watching TV at home. She got ill not too long after this happy day. Between several surgeries on her knee, being in rehab, falling and hitting her head, having back problems, prior to her emergency surgery which caused her a long 7 week hospital stay (mostly in ICU), and ultimately her death, she didn't get to wear this out. Air conditioning on her shoulders was bothersome and thus I thought this knitted shawl in her favorite color was just the ticket. She liked yellow because she said it was a happy color, the color of the sun and warmth. She often laughed and said happy people like yellow.

yellow crocheted sweaterThough this picture has faded over time, this is another yellow item I crafted for her. I crocheted this yellow sweater long ago for Mom as a Christmas Gift. She had small rounded shoulders and so a raglan sleeve style sweater made a nice fit for her. I loved this pattern. I remember being frustrated when I realized I was going to run short of the yellow yarn with the same dye lot. So I decided to do the red and white striping in the yoke area. I remember being truly excited my stripes can together so well. This was an awesome pattern. Sadly, I've lost this pattern and would dearly love to find it again. I remember the cover well. This sweater was in solid light mint greenish blue on the cover. The sweater was made with 2 ply sports yarn and the stitches were mostly good old double crochets with the ribbing being back stitch single crochets. Does anyone remember this pattern? Does anyone have it per chance? I've looked high and low at yarn stores to replace it. I don't think it's in print anymore. It was one of those leaflet types with about 6 patterns in it, not a book.

Mom in yellow DressYes Mom, LOVED yellow. And she wore it well. Some folks have trouble wearing yellow. This was taken at my youngest nephews rehearsal dinner. She so loved yellow she asked to be buried in this yellow dress. She worried a bit about that, saying yellow wasn't the color most folks wore at their funerals; but she loved yellow and wore it well. It's been just slightly over 2 years that we lost Mom, so I sit here wearing your yellow shawl remember you like this, with a smile on your face.

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  1. Such a touching post about your mom and her love of yellow. I envy your knitting talent. I'm all thumbs when it comes to that kind of thing. I'm sure your mom must have loved her yellow shawl. Good you have it to remind you of her. Take care!

  2. Thank you catchats for your visit and sweet comment. I appreciate it. Yes, it is nice to have the shawl on, feels like she's really close that way.

  3. I always feel closer to my mother when I wear something of hers. It's nice to have fond memories of those we loved and still love. Wearing your shawl is like getting a hug from your mom, enjoy :)

  4. I feel the same way hakucho.


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