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Friday, May 20, 2011

Jake in Review

Jake in OSU sweaterThis adorably little Toehead is Jake. He's sporting a knitted Ohio State Sweater I made for him several years back. The sleeves needed to be rolled up, my questimation on the rest was pretty good. Didn't have a pattern, used the basic rectangle approach and knitted this on my Bond.
mowing the yardJake here tromping through the grass with hubby. He loved to pretend he was mowing back in the day. Our plan is when he's old enough to really mow...show him the picture and convince him he still loves it. lol We keep the mower in the shed and we'd get it out and pretend we were mowing when he came to visit.

wrapped in a towelWarming up after pool time here.
drinking V-8Jake getting his veggies drinking V-8. He loved it, knew where I kept it in the fridge and would point and say 8?
exploring in the backyardExploring out in the yard with is binoculars.
blowing bubblesI always kept bubbles on hand which he enjoyed on our deck.
wheelbarrow rideNothing like a wheelbarrow ride through the backyard. I'd take a break in my yard work and he'd climb in.
infant phaseFirst summer, before he got all his curls.

This is my Jake in review picture post. He's various ages here. Hope you enjoy!
J post for the Z-A challenge.


  1. That's a very cute J entry!
    And, posting pics of my (sort of) finished Urbana after my coffee.

  2. Thanks JP and Keri for the visits and comments, both are appreciated. I too think he's adorable. thanks Keri, I'll hop over and see your Urbana

  3. Wonderful pictures. I love the one with the warm up after pool time.

  4. Thanks for the interest in my Duck Washcloth pattern, I actually forgot about it! I personally don't feel like the duck looks quite right. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself though. I made it up as I went, after making a diagram to get an idea of the shape I wanted. I typed out the pattern in Blogger as I worked on the washcloth because I didn't feel like writing it down. But I'll try to get a picture up today so you can decide for yourself if you like it. I'll check to see what size the needles were and the yarn was a basic cotton yarn. =) I think it was Peaches and Creme brand. I don't have the label for it anymore so I can't say an exact size.

  5. He certainly is a cutie


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