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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mom's Iris

Iris up closeThough it didn't appear to be a very pretty start to the day, cold-dark-gray; this is what I saw looking out my window. Mom's Purple Iris's lining 3 fence rows. A few had opened yesterday; but apparently during the night and or early this am they burst forth with this magnificent color display. They were gorgeous. I looked out, then up and waved to Mom. I've had these Iris in my yard for a good many years, but the starts all came from her yard. So, everytime they bloom I am reminded of her. I put on a pair of shoes and went out before my first cup of coffee to get these pictures. You can see the dew still on the flowers. They have a lovely soft scent too.
Purple IrisHere's a cluster of them. They generally bloom a good while. Later, when it's less wet out, I'll cut some to bring indoors so I can enjoy them in and out. I've given lots of starts of these to others to enjoy as well. Aren't they beautiful!

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  1. Oh they are really beautiful! I love Iris and have several different colors of them and quite a few in beds around the yard.

    Hugs XX

  2. Pretty flowers. I measured my duck washcloth, and it's a really odd size. It didn't turn out quite square, mostly because I wasn't sure how tall the duck would turn out and I didn't want to have a huge space above his head before the border. I think it measured about 5.75 inches by 7.25 inches.

  3. Thanks all for enjoying the Iris with me. Thanks Anna, The duck doesn't have to be square for a nice cloth

  4. stopping by, lovely....we have these and they are about ready to pop....purple too....such a wonderful splash of color...


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