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Friday, May 13, 2011

Camo Cotton Cloth

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camo cotton clothNothing fancy about this 100% cotton camo washcloth, but I like it anyway. It's made using the basic corner to corner method starting with casting on 4. I used size 8 needles. I was hoping to get 2 cloths out of the one skein, but that's not going to happen. The variegated Sugar'n Cream is only 3 oz vs the 4 oz of the solid colors. I used 1.7 oz making this almost 11 inch square cloth and therefore only have 1.3 oz. left.

I cast on 4 as mentioned above, knitted 2 stitches before my yo (yarn over). The label suggested size 7 needles. So maybe if I make one a little smaller and use smaller needles I can get a 2nd cloth? I knit until I had 55 stitches before starting my decrease cause I wanted it sized for a man.

For fun I figured out how many rows and stitches. So, adding 54 + 54 =108 plus the middle row of 55 stitches =109 rows, but then you substract 8 (cause you cast on 4 and bind off with 4 stitches still on the needles), and you're back down to 101 rows. Funny, never really thought about this before, but a group of us were talking about how good it is to have a quick, fast project. Adding the stitches now that's a different story. Adding 4-5-6 etc until you get to 54, then multiplying that by 2 (2 halves), and adding 55 the middle row you get 3,987 stitches. That seems like a lot of stitches for a quick easy project doesn't it. I was surprised. Anyway...sometimes a person's mind wonders. This is probably more then anyone wants or needs to know about the knitting of a corner to corner cotton washcloth...but there you have it.

This will packaged with soap and other personal care items and donated to Bridge and Beyond next month, as 100% cotton will be our focus for the month of June.


  1. I used to make place mats with this pattern. Still have them!

  2. I hate that size discrepancy between the variegated and solid Sugar and Cream yarns! I love the washcloth, though, and hooray for charitable crafting! Maybe I'll have time to crochet a washcloth or two in June, I'll check out the site you linked to. :)

  3. The washcloth is excellent. Your charitable project sounds terrific too, I'm sure everything will be much appreciated.

  4. The corner to corner technique intimidated me when I just started to knit, so it's great to see how easy it is.

    I work with a homeless group in my city, so thanks for what you're doing. Every helper in every state is appreciated.

  5. Thanks ladies for the comments and visit, appreciate both.

    Would love you to help us out in June with cloths Kathleen.

    Nicky, keep up the good work. Right you are the problem is huge, and there are needs everywhere.

  6. That washcloth looks great! I'm still waiting to give one a bash, maybe I'll try one this coming week :)

  7. Good luck Charlotte. Kinda fun to have a quick item, though don't think I'ld like to make too many in a row, as the cotton seems to be hard on my hands. Though this camo was better than what I've used before.

  8. I always wondered what the camo knitted up to look like! Thanks for sharing, it looks great!

  9. Very manly cloth indeed :)

  10. Most of the colors seem very feminine to me, which makes since if used in the kitchen; am on the look out for more manly colors.


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