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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let me Quench your Thirst

2 martini'sNicely chilled Martini's anyone? The martini on the left is a Dirty Martini with Vodka and olives, and the martini on the right is Gin, a dry Gin Martini with a twist for hubby. He likes Bombay. My favorite Vodka is Rain, but that's not easy to come by. We can't get it here, so often instead I use Belvedere.
Lemon Drop MartiniThough sometimes I prefer a Lemon Drop Martini with a nice sugared rim. I make a good Martini if I do say so myself. We've gotten so were disappointed when we order one out, and find ourselves saying they're not as good as mine. lol You really need them to be ice cold, which in a busy bar is hard to do. I chill the glasses in the freezer and really shake the shaker which can give you very small little ice crystals...nice! Now that, quenches your thirst.

What type of Martini's do you like? Do you make them at home or order them out?

**This is my Q post Z-A challenge.


  1. Would you believe I don't think I have ever had a martini? When I was in college, I drank but never martinis, after marriage and kids - the hubs and I don't really drink. Maybe once a year.... MAYBE.

  2. If you decide you want to try one, try the Lemon Drop, it's quite tasty. Particularly for summer.


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