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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Flat Stanley

Flat StanleyDo you know me? I'm Flat Stanley here to tell you a little bit about me; you might or might not know. I'm a creation, a character out of a series of books brought to life by Jeff Brown. He first wrote about me in 1964, 47 years ago. I don't look that old though, do I?

Jeff Brown wrote a series of books about Stanley Lambchop. The story briefly told is a bulletin board with pictures fell during the night on Stanley, making him flat; but not dampening his spirit. He made the best of things. He still played with his brother, and went on adventures. Because he was flat he could be a kite and sore; or be slid under a door to play with friends. He in fact could go "everywhere". He could visit people by mail. He could be folded, put in an envelope and mailed around the globe, meet new people and have all kinds of adventures.

Some book titles by Jeff Brown: Flat Stanley, Stanley in Space, Stanley and the Magic Lamp, Invisible Stanley.

In 1995 in London, Ontario Canada his life was altered by Dale Hubert, an English Teacher. He got the idea, kids might enjoy and learn more about writing if they wrote letters about Flat Stanley and his adventures. So, a huge project began. Flat Stanley was mailed off to places around the world and returned to his original destination with letters about his travels. The kids learned alot from Stanley and the project spread through out the world in classrooms with kids of all ages.

Through Flat Stanley, students had writing assignments, learned geography and history. The project expands further when the internet becomes part of children's education. They are webpages, blogs, clubs and more filled with Flat Stanley fun. It's a project suitable for kids of all ages, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. It's a wonderful way for kids to stay engaged and learn during the summer months when they're not in school.

Here's 27 adventures Flat Stanley has to share with you. Though my Friday series of Fun with Flat Stanley is currently on hold; it will again become active, so please keep checking in. In June, Flat Stanley hopes to launch a new series, and a special contest for kids of all ages. Flat Stanley knows there are many ways to learn about math, art, music, history, geography and life. Join him.


  1. My daughter did a Flat Stanley project last year (3rd grade). She had a blast - of course, it helped we have family in so many different states and with so many different interests. My mother wrote a novel of his adventure on her farm from helping with the barn and farm chores, to going on an emergency horse medical run and a horse auction.

    I think it's a GREAT project and really gets kids involved.

  2. My daughter's Flat Stanley traveled two years ago and so far my son's Flat Stanley has visited the UK and we are waiting for the trip from Canada to arrive back to the school. It is such a wonderful learning experience for kids.

  3. Flat Stanley has made quite a name for himself. I hope all this fame doesn't swell his humble head.



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