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Thursday, May 05, 2011

So much more then a Washcloth

A washcloth, really...you're blogging about a washcloth? Yes, I am. The finished washcloth in pretty spring colors was a gift. I belong to Oddball, and in fact blogged about in yesterday, (scroll back for the post). As we send around our knitted blankets that benefit charity; we generally include (though it's optional) a little gift for the next person doing the knitting. I got this wonderful washcloth from Cheryl. Cheryl is a fellow Ohioan which is cool, and if you've not used a hand knit or crocheted cotton wash cloth, you really don't know what you're missing. They are fabulous.

Hand knitted or crochet washcloths are both new and old. They are new and or retro, because; they really are quite old. People used to make these all the time, and suddenly they've become popular again. People in the crafting communities have decided maybe Grandma knew what she was talking about after all. They're very nice on your skin. They can be made square or round, some folks like to use them in the shower and some in the kitchen. There are several brands of 100% cotton yarn, but probably the most common and widely known and used is Lily, the original Sugar'n Cream 100% Cotton made in Canada. The new larger skeins are normally 3 oz, and measure 150 yards.

If you like to use body wash, you truly only need a dab if you use one of these wonderful cotton washcloths.

The 2nd one pictured, The camo one that's on the needle, well... I decided after getting Cheryl's gift I hadn't made one in awhile and nabbed some camo cotton. I'll be making as many as I can from the one skein and all will be donated to Bridge and Beyond.
Bridge and Beyond is one of my other blogs that focuses on helping homeless and those in need. Please hop over, always love visitors. Homeless people live in the elements. Do you have any idea how good it feels to take a bath, a shower, to wash up? To do that with a hand knit or crocheted washcloth is something easy to do at our end; and very meaningful at the other end. Skin tired, cold, wrinkled from the elements deserves to be washed with a hand knit especially for you cloth. Hand made shows them someone does care. We knit and crochet to warm those in need through Bridge and Beyond.

A simple washcloth with a bar of soap, is so much more then a washcloth and soap.

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  1. You are awesome, it's great how much you are doing to help others. I've been going through a lot of life changes lately, but as soon as my husband and I get back on our feet again, and when I get more money (for materials and shipping) I'm still planning on donating a few things to your charity. I didn't forget about Bridge and Beyond.

  2. Those pink cotton squares I sent you could be used as washcloths. I have several crocheted dishcloths at my house but have never used them as washcloths. Will have to try that.

  3. Those washcloths are really beautiful Sandy. I've also checked your Bridge and Beyond, it's very kind of you to do help other people, that's more than precious!
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I'm glad you like my crocheted birdie. For the pattern, I will try to upload as soon as I can.
    Hope you enjoy your weekend!
    Love, xox

  4. Anna, Sandie, and lovestitch thanks for your visits and comments. Appreciate your kind words. Sandie I think I already used your cloths/squares...know I did in a design; but all those designs are not yet finished. I might have a look and pull them out and substitute them. Thanks for the reminder. I remember exactly which ones you're talking about.

  5. Grandma's Favorite is one of my favorite washcloth patterns...sometimes I skip the holes just to change it around a bit. Enjoy :)

  6. hakucho, do you mean the holes at the trim portion? Do you do your increase then by knitting in front and in back?

  7. I loved my knitted raw hemp face cloth and wonder who stole it!!!

  8. Hey, I didn't realize there was a knitter on the Z to A trip. I think I was lost among crocheters on A to Z. Dishcloths are fun and yes, I blogged about them too and why not. You apparently crochet also, I've never got the hang of that. Good to find you.

    Pirate Knitting<a href="http://www,pirateknitting.com/</a>

  9. Collen, hope you find your cloth...maybe you'll have to make another one. lol

    Pam, your pbquig links to your blog, so no need to add the url, in fact many times when people add the url, blogger immediately zaps the comment into the spam area. Glad to meet another knitter and will enjoy cruising around your blog.


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