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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Oddball, Xanthic ?

oddball cupid before borderThis baby blanket is knitted, each strip/section by a different knitter. The blanket travels as each person adds the section much like a progressive dinner moving about. This OddBall Baby Blanket has traveled through Washington, California, Hawaii, Wyoming, Minnesota and to Ohio. This group, Oddball Blankets is fun to belong to because of the variety. Some groups make baby blankets, others full size blankets, others pet blankets. Each travels in a prescribed geographic area. Though the group I belong to is several groups merged so our geographic area is quite large. Doing a section is a nice way to try a new stitch. The end result is heart warming in that all blankets go to charity. The other nice point of the group is using up your stash, using up your odds and ends. It doesn't take much yarn to knit a section. Blankets are all named and knitters are to choose colors appropriate for the theme. We sign up in fact for the blankets we want based on the yarn we have on hand and what goes with what.

This blanket is Titled "Cupid". When I signed up I thought, great I have lots of reds and pinks. Beyond that, it occurred to me people might use white or purple as well. I had plan A and plan B. I knit and crochet and so was added for the border patrol. Border Patrol people crocheted the edge. I had a great variegated laid aside with pinks and reds I thought would probably really tie into the theme and pull the blanket together. Later, I also noticed I had a 2nd variegated with pinks and purples...which is also romantic and "Cupid" like to me. Thus, I was ready with plan A and B. Looking at the blanket above with blue and yellow, neither of preconceived ideas were going to work. Searching through my rather large stash, I had nothing that pulled these colors together. Shopping trip! Normally I love shopping for yarn, but that sorta defeats one of the 3 things I like about the group.

border in the worksXanthic? Yes you're saying the word is in the title....what is it? According to Rgb scales #237 and #237/9, it's also listed on the Hex list as EDED09. I've read it described as the color of ripening lemons, and the color in eggs. When looking at a sample of the color, it seemed to me to have a tinge of green? Now, that could be due to my computer screen; but...that's my current take on it. See the yellow in the variegated above? And don't forget the 2 blue sections.
cupid in the worksHere then is my work in progress using Red Heart's Fiesta to try and pull some blue and some Xanthic into the border, hoping to pull this blanket together. The color is called Harvest #6332. Firstly let me say, I hate this yarn and do not recommend it. It's not wrapped well and separates easily when being crocheted (as bad as Caron's Simply Soft). It might be better knitted? Using a cross stitch here to add a little bit of a lace look to it...Cupid after all would be frilly, lacy, romantic. Or at least my idea of.

Check back on Friday for FO, hoping to get this done and in the mail. Thus far I have to say, it's not one of my favorite projects. I don't like yarn I'm using, and I'm not feeling the theme of Cupid.

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  1. I am not crafty at all but my daughter is. I will share your page with her. Stopped by to people watch and looks like you've got a great site here.

  2. Thanks for the visit KBalbify. Tell your daughter to sing out when she's here. Welcome mats always out, do swing by again. Do more people watching.

  3. That's awesome! Wonderful idea!

  4. I love the idea of a travelling striped blanket! And yes, oh gosh, Fiesta is irritating to crochet with. :| I made a tiny bunny out of some (very pretty! but evil!) black-and-tan Fiesta earlier this year and even that small a project was annoying because of the splittiness.

    I think your color-choosing ideas are A+, though! The Harvest is a great edging for the blanket.

  5. That is a pretty neat blanket. I am curious to see the lace look with your yarn

  6. Such a bright and cheerful blanket :)

  7. The blanket looks great. I've heard of traveling scarves, but this is the first traveling blanket I've seen. What a great idea :-)

  8. Kathleen, glad to know it's not my imagination about the yarn and it's splitting.

    Thanks all for the visit, the nice comments, and the encouragements. Stay tuned.

  9. Wow, that idea is so brilliant! I love the way the blanket is coming together. Just beautiful.

  10. Love the idea of a traveling blanket. It's much better than pants.

  11. What a nice project! And it's lovely!

  12. Thanks Ladies appreciate the nice comments, I'll be glad to get this project done, just hasn't been a favorite.

  13. Sorry to hear this blanket hasn't been a favourite, but I think it looks really lovely.

  14. This sounds like a wonderful project. Good luck with it.


  15. You really have the knack for this craft! Fabulous! :)

    By the way Sandy, I got a new blog - http://mysweetiedarkchocolate.com . Can you follow it through Google Friend Connect? It's my first time to use it. Also if you could do the same with the Fledgling Blogger. Thanks a lot! Take care my friend! :D

    Zach @ http://blog.junezach.com .

  16. What a wonderful idea!!!! My friends and I are going to be doing something similar to this for an upcoming wedding. Though our blanket won't be nearly as well travelled!

  17. I like the blanket, I'd be honored if I had a baby and received a blanket that was so well traveled. The border looks nice, but I know what you mean about not liking the yarn and therefore not enjoying the project. I find it hard to find a yarn that's nice to work with- but some of my favorite yarn is from Hobby Lobby. They have their own brand, and it's all beautiful and very soft (softer than Red Heart, but not much more expensive). If you haven't tried it, I suggest you do! I discovered it when I lived in Tennessee and didn't realize until I moved back home that there are a few in PA too. The closest one is about 30 minutes away but will be totally worth the drive. You can also order from their website. =)

  18. Thanks all the nice comments and encouragement. Sweetie, thanks for the update, appreciate it and got that done. Happy to for you.

    Keri for a wedding, what an awesome idea.

    Right you are Anna.


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