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Monday, August 03, 2009


This Red Mallow measures 9.5 inches in diameter. I love these flowers. I've lost several bushes that didn't come up this year which is troublesome. I wonder if it had to do with how bad those dang Japanese Beetles were last year. They consumed these plants. These were Mom's favorite flowers, and in fact the starts came from her yard. I have this bright red and light pink ones. The red always bloom first and are generally larger than the pink for some reason. White ones also exists, though I don't have any of those.

Hubby's had an overload of maintenance that unfortunately continues today. First on Friday, the garage door wouldn't open with the opener or the inside button. The track is a mess. The part he needs to fix it is available. That's a relief cause this is an older opener and he was worried about that; but the place that has the available part wasn't opened by the time he got home on Friday after work--and they're not opened on the wkend. So, this job has been put off until today, Monday. We can open the garage door with a large 2 x 4. He moved my car outside in the drive for me. Thanks!

He changed the oil in my car, since the reminder was beeping at us. My daughter's car uses the same type of filter, and her's also needs changed. Not a big job, or so one would think. The store only had 1 filter. So, he did mine on Sat; and ventured to a different store on Sunday to get a 2nd one to do our daughters. She's been here visiting after moving from Baltimore and before moving to St. Louis.

Next up, his car won't start. Now, his car is old, 14 years old in fact; but has been a really good car. Plus, he works only 2 miles from the house, he only uses it for that. He removed the battery, took it some place to get it tested, assumed that was the problem--which would be easy to fix. Nope, that's not the problem, the battery is fine. Next he tried to remove the started, as the maintenance guy suggested that so it could be tested. Can't get it off to test it. Hum...then he successfully removes the starter relay switch and is now in the process of taking it somewhere to test it. Gees.........

Our daughter's been out of town this past wk end for a wedding, flew in late last night; and drives out today, Monday for St. Louis. This is the beginning of her move. But, she's not taking much with her; as she'll be staying with a few friends until the regular accommodations become available. Sometime down the road, we'll rent a u-haul something and cart lots of stuff out there.

Hope you all have a good start to your week.


  1. Love the flower. Those Japanese beetles are such a menace and attach so many different plants.

    Sounds like a busy time at your house!

  2. Sandy, It seems life is handing some lemons out across the country .
    I had to go in for shots in my back, because I could not walk for the pain in my legs.Then my car's service engine light comes on,took to garage & thought it was fixed ,now its on again. groan.. its just me to see to everything and I can get worried.
    But this too shall pass and we will go on for a while till something new comes up ... lol
    Have a nice week end.
    Elsie <><

  3. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Beautiful flower, with ya on those Japanese Beetles. They are a real problem. Good luck

  4. Wow... that's a really pretty flower. And so big too!
    Seems like hubby did a lot of car fixing today.. :D


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