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Monday, August 31, 2009

I had to take this picture!!!

pedometer19,746 steps. I thought you all might have trouble believing me if I just reported that without the picture to prove it. One day at work I walked 19,746 steps. The day was not last week, but the week before. I'm just now getting around to posting it. A bit blurry, but readable in white you can read 10,000 steps a day. That's what one is suppose to strive for to be considered active, healthy and I almost doubled it. I've gone through many of these pedometers at work. I walk alot and just plain wear them out. So this time round I got one that doesn't convert it to miles. Thought maybe there would be less to break? Less to have something go wrong with? Anyway, according to several on line converters 5,000 steps = 2 miles. That means I walked 9.58 miles at work alone. I never put it on until I'm heading out the door, so none of my stuff at home counts.

Remember my post about being as old as dirt (a few back), well this day I can tell you I felt as old as dirt and then some.

Now, I wonder all the time I spent sitting here over the last couple of days loading pictures into the new computer (hope you enjoyed the movie in the previous post with music even), probably shoots whatever I gained with above steps. Dang it. Plus, the really frustrating thing is, I lost thousands of pictures about this time yesterday. I don't know how; but somehow I hit delete and didn't even send them to the re-cycle bin...they are gone!! Hubby even spent time looking through all the directories. Groan...all that time. I was getting super organized. Getting everything loaded here, put into files etc. Tech guy at Staples told me he could look through the actual data on the hard drive, but that it would be real costly...several hundred dollars. He also said he could redo everything if he didn't find it, but to load stuff for me would be $100.00. In addition, I would need to take my CD's, my old computer, my memory card. Heck, in order to tell him what I need, and want, I'd have to look at everything anyway. So....I started the process over again. This time though, I'm only doing things by subject...slowly one at a time.

Tomorrow, I'll on my pedometer again as it's a work day.


  1. Great job!! That's a wonderful accomplishment! And thanks for the reminder - I'll put mine on tomorrow.

    Now where did I put it????

  2. interesting,,I never realized how much we do walk in a day...I may get one for gigles and see
    what I do, walking at work...hmmm?

  3. I know how it feels to lose your photos. I have gone through 2 computers with photos on each one. That is before I learned about flash drives. Now I can store them in 2 places. Maybe I should have more than 1 flash drive though. Just to be safe.

  4. Good for you! My pedometer that wasn't cheap fell into a packing box & I didn't realize it! I haven't used one since. Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. Somehow I can hear the song...THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR WALKING......!

  6. Hi there! I was over at Queenie Jeannie's blog and decided to hop on over to your blog and "take a look around!" I also love walking, and I am very impressed with your pedometer reading! WOW!

    Gave a great day!


  7. I would like to get one of those. My husband has one. At his job they give points if you walk a certain amount and you get some benefits. Not sure exactly how it works. I had a pedometer once but it broke and I never replaced it. I know I don't walk nearly enough. I'm not sure I want it to be confirmed on a daily basis. LOL

  8. Wish I could walk too but Arthur keeps me down so I take pain meds and walk when I can.
    I am sorry but I had to laugh as I read your story about your computer until i came to where you lost your pictures. I didn't laugh at this.
    Elsie <><


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