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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Could you sleep in this?

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Isn't this the cutest bed you've ever seen? This is A Thomas The Train Bed. You've met my cute little pseudo grandchild. He LOVES trains and all things about Thomas The Train.
Look at the cute stickers for the wall. This are super nice, easy to move, don't require paste. So much more is available now for little ones' then when mine was this age.

This is what they call a youth bed and uses the mattress from the crib, is low to the ground. Perfect!

Did you see him on his Thomas The Train Bike?
Playing with his Thomas The Train Trains?


  1. He is so cute! I'm glad you can go visit him...I'm sure he likes being the star of your blog for the day!

    I'm off to go paint with Nancy. That should be photo worthy. Also have a meeting with Thurber House next Thursday...that makes me very happy!

  2. What a cutie pie ... yes, we went thru the Thomas the Train stage with our Joshua g-son ... what he would do for TT. Love the pics. TTFN ~Marydon

    PS Pop over & visit my post today please.

  3. That is really cute and my 5 year old grandson would probably like it because he is really into trains too!

    By the way, I LOVED your "gentle breeze-strong wind" contrast on Jan's blog! That's why I came over to check out your blog.

    I write 2 blogs: Country Corgis, where the Corgis tell the stories, and Proverbs - A Bible Study.

  4. My youngest was a BIG Thomas the Tank Engine fan, but he never had a bed like that....awesome :) He would have love it! Now at 14 he's way too cool to even admit he knew all those stories by heart ;)

  5. Very cute. Don't tell him my father was a RR engineer!

  6. Ben was a Thomas the Tank Engine fan as a child also. We had books and toys and such as well. Ringo Starr was on it at one time.

  7. What? What is a pseudo grandchild? Good heavens! hahaahahha!

    I know what you mean about so much being available for children these days...

    whatever happened to going out and climbing a tree and running around in the rain? :)

  8. Too bad they don't cool adult beds like that. He sure is cute

    They didn't have stuff like that when I was young, not fair

  9. Haha~ I love that bed! If I could only fit on that, I'd definitely sleep on it every night. :D Just so that I'd feel like a kid again. So cute!


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