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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sandy's New Computer

Ok, this took 5 tries. I had to find a program to edit the pictures to make them smaller which I didn't have on my computer. The speed of the new computer is great. I hope you have your sound on, it's some good music. Not sure how many pics you can add to the movie to still have it within acceptable size for what blogger allows. Anyone know?

Did you know when you get font to small to read on blogs, webpages, and sometimes even in your email you can fix it for your eyes by holding down the crtl key and clicking the + key until you get the size you like. I find this really helpful. With my new big screen, it seems everything is tiny and it doesn't fill the screen unless I do this.

Did you know you can add your blog url as a link when you type a comment on someone's blog? I didn't know that until recently. Sooooooo many people on blogger don't have their settings to allow name and url. Why? I'm not sure when you consider most people have multiple blogs and when you click on their names you do not go to the blog you know them from...you go to their profile page. Then you must decide what blog to go to. Extra time, extra clicking, and if you don't have a fast computer it's pain in the backside. Though adding your url as a link also takes time, it's better than typing your url as a cut and paste for them. Particularly if you want them to return to your blog for a visit. However, even this can't be done if they have settings set to not allow html code.

here's the method (which took me quite a while to find, and test; as many people who blogged about it didn't have it quite right.

type the name of your blog here

Happy rest of the week end to all.


  1. Very exciting :) Hope you are having fun....enjoy :)

  2. It is exciting, Hakucho; and I am having fun. Thanks for your visit; here and my other blog as well. Much appreciated.

    Thanks too for the vote.


  3. Oh, your gonna have fun now!
    Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  4. I'm glad you are discovering things. I know it took me some time to figure some of those things out. I do use the Name/URL link sometimes. However if there is a linky (Mister, Caching or Mck) I link on them and just leave my blog photo. You will enjoy your new computer:-)

  5. You are going to be very busy, SIL. I KNOW you're having fun even though it's work. You'll be doing all sorts of new things.

    I'm going back to look for the movie...I seem to have missed it.

    Joan, Cheryl, Cindy, and Linda just left so I'm visiting late tonight!

  6. It doesn't ask me for a URL when I comment. Just which account...

    For the text in Firefox there is View / Zoom to make things larger.

  7. When you click comment as you should see
    your name and google first
    live journal
    type pad
    Open ID

    Name and Url

    click the down arrow

    Then when you click name and url, you get a place to put your name and your blog's url, it's really very helpful when you have more than one blog.

  8. Ahhh. Finally found it. I clicked on "7 comments" and then I saw the words you mention above. When I clicked on the envelope next to the "7 comments" it brought me to another page that said to send an e-mail to the blogger.
    Cool. I'll have to check mine. Is there a particular setting you use to get this on your blogger?


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