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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

To LOVE, Cherish and Obey

To love, cherish and obey; those are not the words used in today's wedding ceremonies; but those were the words taken 62 years ago today by my parents. Their story is beautiful, filled with every emotion known.

They met in high school, he was an upperclassman; she raced through the halls to get to the senior wing for a a few minutes to see him in between classes. To use her words, I chased him until he caught me. These words are powerful for me today, as she's no longer with us to celebrate this very special occasion. Most of you know, she passed a few months back. What an occasion though this is. Not many people in today's world can celebrate 62 years of marriage; 62 years of life together growing, struggling, laughing and crying together that long takes a commitment many aren't willing or able to do.

They met in high school in Chillicothe, Ohio. He went off to serve his country in the Navy, fighting Seabee's in World War II. When he returned, they got married. Though they were engaged, they decided to elope. I smile when I say that; as I find it quite romantic. No need for a big production, they just wanted to get married.

They had been to see the movie, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir", when they decided to go and get married. In that day, many people crossed the border into Kentucky to get married; but they wanted to be different. They drove to Indiana.

The notice yellowed over time, and falling out of an old photoscrap book reads as follows:

Miss Barrows Is Bride of Mr. Mader

Marriage of Miss Miriam Barrows to Mr. Charles A. Mader, Jr. was solemnized on Aug 25 in the Methodist parsonage at Greenfield, Indiana, with the Rev. J. F. Stephenson officiating.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. Howard A. Barrows of East Eighth street and the late Mrs. Barrows. Mr. Mader's parents Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Mader, Sr. reside on Mill street.

The bride wore a white street length dress with white accessories. She was graduated from Chillicothe high school in 1947 and has been employed by the J. C. Penny-Co.

Mr. Mader, a graduate of Chillicothe HS class of '44' served two years in the Seabees in the South Pacific. He also attended the Chillicothe branch of Ohio university.

Mr. and Mrs. Mader are now living on Route 2, St Paris where Mr. Mader is engaged in the housing construction business with his brother-in-law.

The above picture is a dress Mom made, as is the one below. She was quite a seamstress. The photo above is my parents at a dance, perhaps her Prom from memory. The photo below maybe the dress she wore when they got married. She signed the photo, so I believe it's one she gave Daddy.


  1. What wonderful photos...they showed up really well. Sixty-two years is a very long time...they had a wonderful marriage. As for the elopement, knowing Mom, I have a feeling quite a bit of planning went into that very romantic and special day.

  2. What beautiful photos! And a wonderful story to go along with them :)

  3. What a wonderful post and I enjoyed their story and photos too!

  4. What a sweet & moving writing, such love. You did a beautiful story to share with us. The dresses are gorgeous. May she be blessed & rest in peace forever ... TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Such a sweet story! Glad they were so happy together for such a long time, a great accomplishment :)

  6. Wow, that's quite the marriage.

  7. It certainly does the heart good to read about such lasting and loving relationships. Thanks for sharing your parents and their story with the rest of us. I love looking at old photos and these are lovely.

  8. The story of your parents' marriage is lovely. It is very similar to my in-laws. They met during WWII and were married in 1946. We are fortunate that they are still with us, and they celebrated 63 years of marriage last June. I'm so sorry that your mom didn't get to see her 62nd anniversary.

  9. oh those are gorgeous photos sandy. they show up beautifully. nice they had all those years together x

    Tina from
    Mummy Diaries
    Game FreakZ
    Gossip Avenue
    Travel Shack

  10. Sandy~

    What a wonderful post and tribute to your parents. You're right that 62 years is almowt impossible to come by these days. For one, people just don't get the committment part of it and second, we find ourselves getting married later in life. For me to make it to my 62nd would require me (and hubby) to live to 93:)


  11. What a lovely memory you have shared with all of us, thank you. What an accomplishment to stay marred to someone for 62 years. I think the average today, is 7 years.

  12. Beautiful photo, touching story. :)

  13. wow 62 years! that is awesome!

    I enjoyed reading their story and looking at old photographs...

  14. These are lovely pictures...your mom, so pretty
    and wholesome, the dresses. lovely and feminine.
    What a nice tribute to both of your parents on
    their anniversary day. Thank you for sharing
    their special history and day with all of us.

  15. That was a lovely photos, Imagine the photos before from black and white to the colored one same with your parents i guess, as they grow old their love with each other are getting sweeter and deeper. happy anniversary to both of them.

  16. Anonymous5:01 PM

    What beautiful photo's and memories you have. Your mother was very pretty.


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