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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Old as Dirt

If you know what this is, if you remember this, if you used this....you are officially as old as old as me...........and as "old as dirt." Don't get me wrong now, I like old; or perhaps you prefer the nicer words like vintage or retro for you youngin's. LOL

I was sooooo surprised to see this. These mailboxes were used at University School. The University School is where my husband attended school until it closed it's doors. He was a sophomore at that time. Two weeks ago there was a reunion. They had almost everyone return, even those living far away. This was a very tight knit group of kids. Think there were maybe 30? I'd have to look at the list. We collected up for lunch at one of the class members houses, then we got to tour the school. The school began in 1937 and so there's lots of history. It was fun exploring the old building. The organizer had arranged to have someone meet us at the building, unlock it so we could explore on a Sat. It really was the perfect topper.

This group remembered fondly the school, the teachers, and even the food. They all remarked about how good the shepherds pie was. Most of the group never quite felt like they belonged when they went to various high schools around the city. They felt jipped. They wanted to graduate from this school. The school must have done lots of things right for the sentiment to be so favorable from it's former students.

The mailboxes are actually still in the office, though no longer used.

Do have fond memories of your school? Do you attend reunions? Do you stay in touch with former classmates? Did you think your cafeteria food was good?


  1. I remember these type of mailboxes....back in the day..arn't they brass? My son's school is an older
    school, and while it shows wear and tear, there is some very pretty architecture in there...of course the kids don't notice it..things made back in the day had class, and were often sculpted or created by hand, and gave things a certain charm we often don't have in our newer made things... speaking of school...tomarrow is the the first day back :)

  2. My Dad, a retired Postmaster near Columbus, got a hold of OLD post office boxes that you had a combination to it. He took the face fronts and made them into banks, out of wood (for family and friends). So it looks like a mini mail box out of wood. They are so neat! I have mine on my night stand. Oh, guess I am "old as dirt" come Tuesday...I don't wanna be 50! :(

  3. Yes Faith, they are brass. Arent' they wonderful! I so agree about the older things having charm the newer things lack.

    Beth ...thats sooooooo cool. You really must take a picture I want to see. And...when are you coming to Columbus next? We really need to meet up, at least for a cup of Joe. And take your dirt and ten for me please. lol


  4. hhhmmmm....noooo....I can't seem to make any sense of what this is...it looks like one of those lockers though, from one of them TCM movies I love to watch! :)

  5. Hi Sandy. I'm still among the living, although I had forgotten about my blogspot blog. I went to it today and noticed all your comments. I am so sorry about your mom. I hope that you are back to what counts as normal again. Here, we are suffering our son's impending divorce and custody issues. Thaqt seems to have taken up the entire summer for most of us and will not be resolved real soon. Just know I haven't forgotten you and when I am back to speed, will do more with my own blog. Hugs, Linda

  6. I hate to admit that I knew the photo was of mailboxes...guess I am old as dirt ;) thanks!

    I couldn't believe you remembered that cross stitch pattern - (I do remember the one with the sewing machine) - from way back when..you have a great memory!!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  7. Thanks folks, I'm testing a bit here. Got new comptuer and can't figure out how to enlarge font, it's tooooooo small. And there are other things I'm trying to figure out too.



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