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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rise Above Plastic

This is my new water bottle. It's aluminum, and Swiss made. It wasn't cheap, $20.00 (Sigg). My daughter order one for hubby, me, and got herself one as well. I picked this because I like the saying. Everywhere you go you see people with water bottles, plastic ones. I don't like to keep buying water and so re-cycle them several times---refilling them. Apparently that's not a healthy thing to do. The plastic starts to break down and you drink chemicals. I like having a bottle always with me, drinking water is a good thing to do and many of us don't drink enough of it. I like having the bottle because you do tend to drink more, instead of having to look for a water source. I hate drinking out of a fountain...you never know who's spit in there, or put their mouth on it, or washed their hands in it etc. ICKY. I also prefer a bottle over a glass, glass breaks for one, dust gets in the glass for two, and you always have the opportunity to spill it on something. Generally something important.

So, this should be healthier for me, cheaper because I won't be buying the bottled water, and better for the environment as I won't have a mound of plastic bottles to put in the re-cycle bin. So even with the cost of $20.00, I feel like it's a good thing to do.

I'm also trying to rise above plastic with grocery shopping. I have lots of canvas bags, my problem is remembering to take them with me to the grocery. But, I will keep trying. I do reuse the plastic bags; and the ones I don't reuse I take back to have them recycled.

How bout you? Are reducing your plastic use, trying to reduce your carbon foot print?


  1. I try to think green but it really takes a thoughtful effort. I very rarely buy bottled water but I don't mind drinking out of fountains as long as there's one available.

    What I do remember to do is unplug cell phone chargers and things like that. I know it's little, but it's a start. I've tried to use less air conditioning. It's not even an issue in the winter because I've always kept my house cold...just ask the boys!

  2. That's why I like my knitted grocery bags, but the problem is remembering to take them to the store with me! Must make a better effort to do that every time I go :)

  3. The effort and remembering...I hear and relate totally. I even have the canvas bags on the door knob...all I have to do is grab some on my way out the door...must try harder to remember.

    I'm good at turning of lights, but always plug in my cell phone at night; so probably need to improve there somehow.


  4. Good for you I use my Brita ...no more plastic and no more bags from the stores.....I think little by little we all make a huge differance...God Bless

  5. Hey Sandy,
    I found you! I agree that we need to do all we can to be eco friendly and not using plastic is a great place to start. I need to drink more water and I will think about purchasing one like yours or similar when I get serious about water intake. Nice blog my friend!

    Friends 4 Life!

  6. Sandy, plastic water bottles set out in the sun sitting in your baking hot car...they leak out a poison into the water...and when you drink that water, it slowly poisons your body. I'm so glad you decided to toss them in favor of the aluminum ones... :) Good for you! Cheers to your health! :)

  7. Hi, Sandy. I came over from Jan's blog to check you out and say that I've been having a terrible time with the fonts on my blog. Looks like you finally got your's whipped back into shape unless this isn't the one you were having problems with. I tried posting my Country Corgi blog SEVERAL times trying to fix the whacky font problems, then finally just left it. It's after 3 a.m. and I've got to hit the sack! Linda

  8. i too think its a good gesture to carry a bottle instead of using plastic bottles.

  9. Yep..agree with you 100%...but ...I keep forgetting to take my bags with me ... Elsie <><

  10. I just bought a bottle. It is plastic, but is supposed to be a safe type if plastic. It came with a freezer tube. The idea is to put the tube in the freezer and then into the bottle of water to be kept cold. I hate warm water.
    I reuse every single plastic bag that I get. If I don't then I crochet them into a grocery bag. When I get too many bags, I donate them to the local food shelf to be given to people for their own uses.

  11. I just found your fun blog via 'the bridge project' (love your crocheted scarves over there BTW) I had not thought of getting a re-usable bottle for carrying water it is a good idea.

    As for taking re-usable bags to the grocery store we finally have that working it just takes time and practice. Plus the bonus of remembering your bags is the nice comments you get on your homemade bags whilst in line at the check out!

    Mum and I have had some fun conversations on knitting,quilting, crochet and cross stitch when people see all the different shoppers we use! Take Care, Lindsay :-)


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