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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Spring Cleaning...NOT

Ok, I'm NOT one who thinks cleaning is fun, or interesting, or a good way to spend one's time. But, from time to time...it's a necessity. errrrrrrrr

I'm as old as dirt, you've been reading that lately no doubt; and my vacuum was just as old and therefore not picking up much dirt! I think the one I was using was probably 20 years old, or more. The bag kind. Finding the right bags was becoming a real chore, and putting them on even harder. The gasket...the hard rubber thingy that holds the bag on was way to hard to slide. My arthritis perhaps played into this, that and it was just a pain. No one changes their bags as often as they should, and for good reason. It's a pain. But, with the sneezing and the allergies being worse this year having that dust flying around not being picked up, isn't good.

I traveled to Target and made a purchase. A Hoover, bag less. Wow, it sure sucks stuff up. It's a little heavier than I wanted, but the lighter weight ones were much more costly. The ease though of dumping the canister each time you vacuum is wonderful. It's easy and therefore you do it each and every time. Thus...things are cleaner. This is also suppose to be good at picking up pet dander and hair.

Now it's not Spring, it's in fact way to close to Fall; but some of what I'm doing here seems like Spring Cleaning.

Spring cleaning in blogland too. I've been going through my old post for the last couple of weeks. Revisiting folks who used to visit and comment, then deleting the post. Partially because the stuff is outdated, partially to minimize the number of pictures I have here to bridge the bandwidth situation and my storage. Turns out I started this blog back in August of 2005. Wow, that makes me feel "old as dirt". Just had my anniversary. I've cleaned my way to Feb 2006, which as of the writing of this is the oldest post. My stats say I have 161 posts. Numbers can be fun.

Anyway, me and the Hoover are going at it. Hum....wonder how many steps running the Hoover is?


  1. I've done that in the past - deleted old posts. After all, who goes back to those anyway? I don't know the limit on pics on blogger.

    We also have a bagless vaccuum. The first one we got did not work well. This one works a bit better, but is oddly shaped and I find it a challenge to use. I like my little dust buster best. ;-)

  2. I need to find a sweeper that's stronger than the one I have...dog hair's a killer! My sweeper is fairly new and I could still use another one!


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