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Friday, September 04, 2009

The End of the Season

Ohio State Tailgate GroupI'm always sad when summer comes to an end. And here that officially happens when football season begins. Tomorrow, we'll begin our Fall routine of attending OSU football games every Sat. We tailgate before the games, and after as we wait for the crowds to clear to go to dinner. It's an ALL DAY activity. The noon games are the worst-longest in my opinion. We'll arrive at the tailgate spot around 9:30, have breakfast together, walk to the game, snack after the game waiting for the time to come to go to dinner.

Now, I'm taking guesses on what this is a picture of.
OuthouseGirls only is your clue.

And my favorite part of the football is this:

Script Ohio
I love hearing and watching The Ohio State Marching Band. The music is always good, the precision in their marching is, in my opinion un-matched. I like the very old style traditional uniform. The incomparable Script Ohio, something you never tire of seeing.


  1. Hi Sandy,
    At first, I thought the picture was a canoe...but
    then I thought it was bus stop to keep the rain of the kids....but you got me.....When you gonna tell us what it is?

    Have fun tailgating...it sounds very nice to do things on the w/e. I work every weekied, have for 14 years now, lost track how normal people live...share some stoies won't you...Have fun


  2. Oh, you just made me homesick! The writing of Ohio was always my favorite part! Hearing the bells ring when they win...sigh. I may live in VA, but I'll always be a Buckeye at heart... I bet I bleed Buckeye colors!!! LOL Thanks for the memories... :)

  3. Glue...the guys can find a tree

    Beth...so right you are, once a Buckeye always a Buckeye!!

    I'll try to get some new pics tomorrow.


  4. oophs not glue, clue

    ladies only, the guys can find a tree

    I have my very own outhouse!

    Will post additional picture tomorrow

  5. I didn't need a clue but only because I knew. That's quite a set up you have there! No wonder you have lot of pregame prep work to do!

    And no wonder you girls need a place to go. Squatting is just not a option with that many people around.

    As Ryan, (and Jeff and Eric) would say...GO BUCKS!!!

  6. Sandy, send me your e-mail addy. (Kitty Hat pattern) crochetqueen1@verizon.net



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