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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do You See What I See?

"Do You See What I See?" Way in the sky little lamb? As I typed the title to this post that Christmas Carole came to mind. Though that's not what this post is about.
unusual tree
Do you? See what I see? This tree is huge, the circumference that is. Not very tall anymore; as it's been cut so many times. Damaged through storms and time, not much is left. This tree speaks to me. Partially I think because given it's size, the hundreds of years it's grown; think what all it could tell us. This tree truly does call out to me. It's located in Green Lawn Cemetery here in town. Green Lawn is the 2nd largest cemetery in the state. It's quite old, historic and interesting. It's not possible for me to go to this cemetery without stopping to visit, my tree. Even my friends call it, Sandy's tree. I feel quite spiritual when I'm there. This is the front of the tree, I see a body; do you? Like a person is facing you.  And below
Is the back of the tree.  Do you see the back of a body? I do.

The first time I photographed this tree was almost a bit spooky. I was driving by on my way out of the cemetery,(had photographed for people doing their genealogy). I spotted it and had to stop. After parking the car and walking over I felt a chill, an odd sensation. I walked in silence around the tree and wondered about it. I started to leave after photographing it, when I felt compelled to stay a bit longer. Almost like I was visiting. Once again I decided I really needed to leave, choose a different path to exist by and there in front of me a tombstone of Frank Schoenfeld. I looked at it several times, as well as his family members around him. I didn't know he had died. Frank Schoenfeld had been my favorite teacher. He was my 7th grade homeroom teacher, taught Ohio history. He was a fabulous teacher, which I think is why I loved history so much. Now to appreciate how odd it was for me to find the memorial you need to understand the size of Green Lawn. It is 360 acres, founded in 1848 and has hundreds of thousands of memorials.

Until they painted a couple of the roads it was not uncommon for people to get lost there. Even now with the roads painted, I never go without a map of the cemetery in hand; and I'm pretty familiar with it. People used to joke about leaving bread crumbs so they could find their way out.

The list of who's who buried in this cemetery is very impressive, from President G.W. Bush's grandfather, to Governor Rhodes, to Eddie Rickenbacher, to slaves in unmarked graves from years back. The tree surely has witness much.

Do you see what it speaks to me?  Do you see what I see?


  1. Wow! That is amazing!

  2. Yes I see what you see. It reminds me of when I was a kid laying on the ground and watching the clouds appear in different forms. I always saw an animal of some sort and then the cloud would drift away.

    Your tree stays still....that's nice!

  3. I see the two figures also...the first one appears to be a womans figure..and the 2nd reminds me of a child in the corner...I love to
    see shapes in things, and love to look at the big fluffy white clouds...I like to do that with
    my boys..
    Thanks for sharing your tree with us...

  4. I agree, the first pic is a headless woman figure, the other reminds me of a child, also. What an interesting writing ... I love things like this but not in a cemetery.

    TY for sharing. Have a beautiful weekend. TTFN ~Marydon

  5. Yes! I saw it right away before I even read the post. Very cool story - so glad you listened to that little inner voice and stayed awhile longer and then stumbled upon the grave of your favorite teacher.

  6. So pleased to see you all understand and don't think I'm nuts for having an inner voice, listening to the tree, and seeing and feeling

  7. Hello, I'm a friend of Jan's. Well, I've never met her, but she is dear to my heart through her two blogs.
    I LOVE this tree: even after being cut to the quick, it cings to life, sending out small optimistic branches and offering a place of shelter for the sculpture people. It is indeed a place of love and peace.


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