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Sunday, September 27, 2009

No No, Not SNOW

Snow, that's what this is folks. Ugh. Remember it will soon be this time again. Moving pictures from memory sticks, CD's, and my old computer; trying so hard to get everything on the computer and into proper folders then do a massive back up and pitch the old stack of stuff. Always trying to get more organized. In so doing, I came across this picture. Sorry it's a bit blurred and dark. I took this looking at the window at my fabulous neighbor. You've gotten a glimpse of my bad neighbor with his dandelions...now you can see my wonderful good neighbor as he's snow blowing for me.

Thought you'd get a kick out of this, if it's still hot wherever you are. And sadly, it's a reminder to us all of the season ahead. Can you imagine being homeless, living outside without a roof over you head in these conditions? I can't either, and yet I know it happens. If you're not aware of my homeless project, please hop over Here and read about it. See if there's a way you can help. Thanks.

Do you dread winter and snow?


  1. Snow flurries in Vermont this Thursday but no accumulation. I'm never ready for snow.

  2. I am never ready for the snow. I don't like it when the weather becomes a factor in whether I can go somewhere or not. Living in Minnesota, I always have to watch or listen to the weather news in the winter, and I hate it.

  3. I just don't want to be cold...I love the snow but not being chilled to the bone...I'm outside way too much!

  4. Oh...My!
    Snow in September...I thought we Winnipeger's had it rough!I am never ready for the snow,but this picture has reminded me I have to get off my "butt" and away from the computer and get my yard ready...Thanx:|


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