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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

JACKS, Mother and Daughter and childhood games

Depending on how old you are, you might or might know what this is a picture of.

  • It's Jack's. This picture is rather traditional in appearance. I remembering having multi-colored ones too. My Mother taught me to play Jacks. I love to play with her sitting on the front stoop in Marion where I grew up. I can see us there now. The stoop was small and off to the right side was a metal box for the milk man. It was a great game for mother and daughter to play because it really didn't take much time, you could stop and start if you got interrupted easily. Which Mom, usually did to run inside and start a load of laundry, or to hang another load on the clothes line out back. As I got better, we'd play with 2 sets. You really had to get good at bouncing the ball higher to scoop up that many Jacks. You also had to have a bigger hand. Somewhere along the line I remember a friend showing Mom and I a "special ball" she had that really bounced; allowing you more time to scoop up those Jacks. It was the inside of a golf ball. You'd crack open the golf ball, unwrap the rubber bands that were there and inside you had a "special ball".

A fun memory, Thanks Mom.

Did you play Jacks?

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  1. Oh, I played "jacks" a lot as a little girl and loved it so much. Inexpensive and a lesson in coordination, speed, etc. More kids should find these outside games instead of video games.

  2. Yes I did..I loved playing. Of course I played with my brothers.

  3. We played jacks on the playground at recess. It was always a challenge to win over the "big" (older) girls. I remember playing in the kitchen on the floor with my mom. Great memories, thank you for bringing them up.

  4. I used to love to play Jacks! Your post brought back some memories.

  5. Hello nt friend,
    Hope all is well with you & your loved ones. Have not heard from you in a while..Catching up
    this morning...stopping in w/coffee in hand to
    say Good Morning.....

  6. Yes I do remember playing jacks when I was little :) I also remember another forgotten game - marbles. My mother was a super good marble shooter and won a lot of marbles. I still have a big jar of her winnings :)

    Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately. One of these days I will post...it just hasn't been my top priority lately with the wedding coming so fast....Mov. 14th :)

    See you around, take care :)


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