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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flat Stanley Project

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Do you know Flat Stanley?  Has your child or grandchild done a Flat Stanley project at school?  It's fun, it's educational.  A co-worker's nephew is doing a Flat Stanley project and so we're doing what we can to add to his project.  I took my Flat Stanley tailgating last wkend; but due to the old camera only working some of the time.  The pictures I thought I had....weren't there.  Errrrrrrrrr, I so need a new camera.  My regular camera broke while on vacation a couple of weeks ago, thus I've been trying to use the old one.  Very frustrating.  So, while Flat Stanley was appropriately colored to be Buckeye for tailgating, those pictures are non existent.

He also traveled with hubby and I last wkend to St. Louis with a car load of stuff for our daughter.  On the way back we made a couple of stops and Flat Stanley got his picture taken in Indiana, and in Illinois.  These 2 pictures with The Bison and TeePee were taken in Illinois on US Route 70 exit 76.  This is a fun stop for all.  The kids will love the TeePee and The Bison, parents will love the very unique gift shop; and furry friends have some room to roam and stretch their legs.  It's not the first time we've stopped here; nor will it be the last.

Here's Stanley in Indiana, again on US Route 70.  He got his picture taken by a nice memorial to our men and women in service.  The Blue Star Highways were started as a way to honor our military after the close of World War II, by ladies garden clubs all across the country.

If you'd like to join in on the project it would be great.  You can color your own Flat Stanley and take him places, photograph it and email it to me.  Or...you could take my Flat Stanley, print it and go visiting.  It's a geography lesson primarily for this particular group of kids; but the kids learn so many other things as well.  I like to add some history info, they can find locations on the map etc.  It started out as a way to get kids to write letters, to journal; but there are many possibilities.  Let me know if you're interested.  Here's a link if you'd like to color your own Flat Stanley

oophs forgot to add Stanley's picture in case you want to print it and take with you to various locations and email photo's back to continue the project.  Remember, my camera (super old one), isn't taking great photo's).  He looks very faded here...errrr

**for the first time in awhile, I was able to visit, read, and comment on each and every blog on my blog roll (all 28 of them).


  1. Hi Sandy,
    Nice to hear from you again, thought you fell off
    the world, it is spinning fast these days...Or it
    seems so. I see you have been traveling, and doing some hookin no doubt....Hope all is well with your family....and you are enjoying the Fall. Flat Stanley.....first I heard of him...I
    may pass that on to my son's teacher....Have a good w/e.

  2. Please do tell your teacher about Flat Stanley, it's a good project for history, for geography, for English...and it's great fun.

    yes, the world is moving far too fast.


  3. Are you sure you did all 28? Either you missed me, or something is wrong....I havn't any comments from last 2-3 days....

  4. Now it's working...I wonder what happened....>
    Thanks for swinging back again...pal...


  5. Sandy,
    Yes my granddaughter is 10 and young . Her dad takes her and her twin hunting, fishing, coaches her basketball teams, helps with homework. They get to try a lot of things other kids never.. I am proud of my son in law. Oh and scouts too.He is am Eagle SCOUT.
    i AM ON VACATION AND ON MY BROTHERS pc. Ican't get into my email on it. But I'll survive.LOL '
    Takw care.

  6. Thanks Grandma Elsie for the reply. Your granddaughter sounds like quite a special person indeed.
    Have a super vacation

  7. Hi Sandy,

    Our Flat-Cat post is up! We hope the photos are useful for yoo!


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