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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween

Look at the size of this pumpkin. It touches the back tailgate...and goes all the way to the silver toolbox. Side to side it didn't quite touch, but it did fill the length of this truck bed. The truck was from Indiana. I cropped so his license plate wouldn't be visible. Look how much above the truck bed the pumpkin shows. Daddy and I were driving north on US Rt 23 on our way back from Chillicothe the other day when we saw this ahead of us. He was driving so I was able to pull out my new camera and get this photo, even though both the truck and our car was moving. Thrilled it turned out so I could share this HUGE pumpkin with you. This just outside Circleville, where the annual pumpkin show was taking place. It's been years since I've attended the festival, though when our daughter was young we went several times. Lots of pumpkins on display, lots to buy. And everything you can think of made from pumpkins, and then some to eat.

Happy Halloween one and all. Hope the kid's have fun as they go trick or treating, and have their parties at school. What fun memories this time of year brings.


  1. Happy Halloween to you too!

    A I'm catching up on my neglected emails - I saw that you asked about my placemats....they are made on a loom. Yarn is wound around nails and then you tie off each crossover. Haven't made one in a long long time. It was fun and makes a great placemat. My loom is handmade....maybe one of these days I'll find it and post about it. Just added it to my never ending to-do-list :)

  2. Wow! That's a lot of pies! I attended the Pumpkin Festival here a couple of weeks ago and tried to post about it but having problems with the pictures in Blogger.

    Thanks for sharing the pic. I wonder what this guy's secret is to growing them so large.

  3. Now that is a Pumpkin... They say the bigger they are the less taste they have.So this one I don't want to taste.

  4. That's interesting Elsie, I didn't know the size altered the taste. I think they do all sorts of things with these really really large pumpkins, and one is to make the years biggest pies which always sell like hot cakes. I've not tasted one myself, so am only know from the reporting.

    I do agree often smaller is better, that's certainly so with zuchini's.


  5. What a huge pumpkin! I wonder how long will it take before someone can finish carving it? Haha~ I'd like to see that up close! :)


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