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Monday, September 21, 2009

Chemicals Needed, lots of them.

dandelion fieldFor YEARS everyone in the neighborhood has threatened to slip over during the darkness of night in super stealth mode and spray this yard. Not just spray, but SPRAY like there's no tomorrow. Regardless of how well we all weeded, or sprayed our yards (and many have it done professionally), we could not get rid of the dandelions. Can you see why? What a constant eye sore, on top of the additional work it caused the rest of us in the neighborhood....and let's talk allergies. ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

He would wait and wait to mow, then when the grass was about a foot tall, and his weeds and dandelions had blown all around the neighborhood; he'd give in and mow the tops off. He never sprayed, he never pulled a weed. The yard was either full of yellow dandelions, or the fuzzy seeds of the dandelions, or those purple weeds (can't remember what they're called.)

But, there's more. When he did decide it was time to mow, he mow at night and bagged it. Well generally only 2 strips could be done because the grass was so tall so it would take him forever to mow. Which meant everyone had to hear the mower for hours and hours during their quiet time. And because he hated to mow, he had the mower set to the lowest possible setting and the yard look scraped the next day or so. So pretty. Thankfully, we spend most of our time out back and not in the front.

Good news, after 20+ years, he put the house on the market and moved out. YIPPEE. However, the house has remained empty for almost 2 years. The only good part of this, he finally hired someone to cut it. Thus the above photograph. Big mower, he could do it quicker. At least we had less noise to deal with. Then after the house had been on the market for ages, someone convinced him he needed to do something about the yard. FINALLY, he sprayed it; but as you can imagine once was hardly enough. Now, we have our fingers crossed that if the house sells (he has it way over priced), we'll get more considerate neighbors that take care of it better than he did. Only time will tell. He's tried selling it himself with no luck; and just recently we've learned he's getting a Realtor. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Do you have bad neighbors like this?


  1. Nope! I have all good neighbors. Our neighbors next door have lots of dandelions but they haven't invaded our yard. We have the front yard treated and we do the backyard ourselves because of the dogs. Whatever we use must be doing the trick.

    We do have the beautiful field behind our house which can be filled with all sorts of weeds. They seem to stay there too!

  2. I'm sorry he didn't care for his yard by mowing. But I am against the use of chemicals for pretty lawns. Just one old lady's thought. : )

  3. I've had horrible neighbors in the past. One would not fix the outside of the house for tax purposes (ours was darling) and he would shoot at my white cat at night for target practice (soon kept the cat indoors). This a.m. I had to go to court to testify against a neighbor for domestic assault after I called 911. I've lived in great neighborhoods only to discover a pedophile also lived on my street on a cul-de-sac. No matter where you go...they are there.

  4. My neighbor is gun crazy, or maybe just crazy. He buys guns...all the time, almost monthly. When he brings a new gun home he makes a big show of it. He starts shooting. At least 20 - 30 shots. We have no idea what he is shooting at, or even if it is safe. We can't do anything about it because we live aways from town 22 miles and there are no restrictions. So much for the peace and quiet of the woods.

  5. Wow Jan, amazing your neighbors weeds and dandelions haven't invaded your yard. People hear have been complaining and working against them for 20+ years.

    Sandra, hubby and I don't use chemicals on the yard either. We had pull all the weeds; but the problem is, this guy hasn't pulled weed one for 20+ years....so now he's well beyond being able to pull them. Spraying has only slightly improved them. I think at this stage the whole yard needs to be tilled and started over. Everytime I sneeze or take an allergy pill I'm irritated by his lack of care. He doesn't like yard work, many don't. Move in a condo...it's not an issue there, and 15 other neighbors don't have to put up with your not caring.

  6. Joansie and two cats, your neighbors sound horrible.

    Send me the gun, I'll hide in the dandelions and no one will ever find it.

  7. I have very nice neighbors. The neighbor next door was there before we moved in and keeps things very neat and orderly. There is no one on the other side of us and across the street neighbors are just fine.

  8. When we lived in KY we had a neighbor who would not cut her yard until we had the city out 3 times and she was about to lose her house to the city for unpaid fines. The neighbor next to her was nice, until his wife left and then it went downhill from there. Up here in OH we have neighbors who care for their yards and I am trying to get my yard to look nice, we have weeded, sprayed, etc, but the rocks come up and the weeds come back, but still we try. I think we're going for a flower garden in the front. The neighbors are a mixture of good and bad and there are some I wouldn't trust with my life or my children.

  9. Anonymous5:35 AM

    If the worst thing he ever did was not "take care" of his yard, try my experience. I lived in a very poor neighborhood for four years and it seemed like every mentally ill person, criminal, and social reject from a 10 mile radius got dumped there because it was a cheap place to live. Had drug dealing going on downstairs, I'm pretty sure, and feral kids roaming the neighborhood breaking windows, and so on.

    You got off lucky. And dandelions are gorgeous in springtime and my daughter loves to play with them. You can eat them, too.

    It's amazing what people will let annoy them when other folks are forced to put up with much, much worse.

  10. Sorry anonymous you had such lousy neighbors, I wouldn't be able to deal with that; but yes having bad neighbors who's yard is a mess does bother me. It bothers all the neighbors. He hasn't meant the city code and has been reported for it. His lack of care caused lots of extra work for other people. His lack of care cost other people money in the form of yard care to combat his laziness, and his lack of care caused people health issues which also means it cost more money. Allergies, bronchitis, sinus infections are all worse because he is lazy and a bad neighbor. So yeah, it bothers us. Dandelions are not gorgeous in spring, fall or any other season. A yard like this, a house never painted and such brings down property values of everyone on the street, so it's a problem. One people shouldn't have to put up with. If we all lower our standards the standards go even lower.

    Perhaps you should call the police, organize a neighborhood watch group etc to improve your situation.

    While I allow anonymous comments, I find it interesting that only people who want to be objectionable select it. Having a different perspective is fine; but willing to put your name behind it, in other words stand behind behind your comments.

    If I could select name and url without using anonymous I would for just this reason.


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