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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good bye ICU, better??

Been a few days since I posted an update. I have mixed and confused feelings about whether or not Mom is doing better. She's left ICU, which means they think she's doing better; but we're up and down with that feeling. She's miserable, she's in pain, they've continued to do lots of test and she is well beyond discouraged. Monday late in the day (dinner time) they moved her from ICU to step down. The move alone caused her both emotional and physicial difficulties. Tubes get jostled during the rolling around process which causes discomfort. They began giving her food, but she didn't tolerate it well. She felt nauseated, full and nothing tasted good. She's not yet gotten her voice back since the respirator was removed. Getting help takes longer, larger unit, more patients per each nurse etc. Plus when they answer her call light over the intercalm she's not able to speak up enough to let them know what her needs are. Occupational and Physical Therapy came in and did a wee bit with her which cause her heart rate to get real high, her oxygen level to drop (thus oxygen put back on), and caused her more pain and tired her out. Medicated and a nap were in order. No sooner did she fall asleep til they came in and removed both chest tubes..............she said the pain was excruciating. She looked very bad after that and had a tough night, followed by a tough day of more nausea, vomitting, x-rays etc.

Obstruction? They're wondering, as she's full even when they aren't feeding her. After another round of x-rays (too many to count at this point), they moved her yet again to another floor. They discussed putting other tubes in last night and she was most upset about that. However, when I left around 10 last night I was told no tubes, and they were through poking and prodding...or at least for the night.

I don't know what to expect for today.

I've spent 3 days making phone calls and visiting rehab centers in and around my work schedule; trying to prepare for when she'll be released (as I think they do things too hurried and beds in good rehab centers aren't that easy to come by. I've toured 4 and talked to about 8, and have her on a list for 2.

I'm very wordy this am, sorry sometimes it's good --sorta of release for me to type about it.

HUGS to one and all for the prayers, please keep'em coming.


  1. Prayers for you that the situation with your mom's health will improve soon. Hang in there!!

  2. Try not to give up hope. I know it has been such a long time that she has been ill. It must be terribly hard on her also.

  3. Can't be too wordy! I appreciate the updates and continue to pray for the best outcome. You're very wise to start looking early. You are right. Good care is hard to find.

  4. Don't apologize for being wordy. We are all here to listen and to pray.
    Talk away and try a get a good nights sleep yourself. Don't forget to take care of you. :)

  5. I'm so sorry that this has been so hard on your Mom and you. I'm sure that things will start to improve at some point. Hang in there.

  6. Sending Love, Hugs and prayers your way.

  7. Still keeping you all in my prayers!!! Sending bunches of hugs your way every day!!! Beth


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