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Sunday, March 08, 2009

Day 11 in the ICU

Hoping to get a few things done here on the computer before we head back to the hospital for day 11 or 12 (think I might have lost track of which day it is). Yesterday was a more peaceful day. They elected not to drain the other side of the lung due to the possible complications of it. They may still; but are holding off. Likewise they did not yet do the eletrocard, they did do another chest x-ray. We know she has fluid still around the lungs and some around the heart. She appeared to be a little better yesterday with regard to vital signs; but no real results yet of all the cultures done on the fluid removed from the lung the previous day.

The ICU is such a sad place, so many critical patients and sad families. We've gotten to be an odd group there. We don't really know each others names, but we all ask each other each day how the loved ones are doing. Some are doing better, some not, it seems such an up and down yoyo for so many of us. Many of us stood a good part of the day, as the waiting room was so very crowded with families comforting each other. Some folks chat, some play cards, some read, some watch TV, I knit and or crochet as we share the day. We take turns visiting when it's permitted.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. I do hope to come visiting.


I would love the diversion of you all visiting and commenting on my travel blog, it helps to take my mind to other place.


  1. Sending lots of hugs.

  2. Life should be easier as we get older! Hope your mom feels better soon. My daughter recently received an "Outstanding Nurse" award. She works in an ICU. Her dad is also currently in ICU at a different hospital. He has leukemia. Continued prayers for your mom and family.

  3. I hope things continue to improve for your mom.

  4. you and family are still in my prayers and will stay here!
    my mother just spent a week in ICU also due to fluid. they drained 25 pounds off of her!! she is home now and doing great again for now. I pray your mother gets back on her feet and home again soon


  5. Can you have your computer there in the waiting room? That would help pass the time, or if you have a cell phone with Internet access, like the iPhone. I can appreciate your feelings. I've spent many days waiting in hospitals, though not a lot of them in ICUs thankfully. Your mom and you and your family continue to be in my prayers. Just mailed out a scarf and three hats for Bridge Project, fyi.


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