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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A light at the end of the tunnel!

Mom is still in ICU, though several tubes have been removed. Breathing is still quite labored with the aid of oxygen; but the ventilator has been removed. We've been very pleased with the nursing care she's received and are very grateful for all the prayers and good wishes from you all. It's possible she may be moved from ICU tomorrow to a less critical care unit. We're taking one day at a time. The highlight of her day today was getting a pop sicle! She is still being feed through a feeding tube and I've not heard anything about it coming out anytime soon, so the pop sicle is more of a treat and pick me up then food at this point.

She's more comfortable today than she was yesterday and so we're hoping tomorrow brings more good news.

My best to you all, and again many thanks for your support.
(I did another mini update over on The Bridge, please pop over)

Projects in the works:
Baby Booties
2 preemie blankets
Opal ghan (I've not been able to work on this in 2 wks)
Completed 2 scarfs which will go to the Bridge (maybe I'll get pics up tomorrow)
Candy Corn Ghan (I've not been able to work on this in several wks)


  1. Oh my creative sil....Loved your sentence...I SAW the picture you painted. Now I'm going to go google myself...HOW FUN!!!!!

  2. Dear Friend,
    Praying for healing and strength......for your mon and YOU too....

  3. Things are often a slow process but at least there is some good progress keep hanging in there both of you.


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