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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bleeding among other things.

Good grief, things just keep happening; and not good things folks. She's had maybe one good day after chest tubes were removed and things started going downhill again. Instead of being able to feel better or do more, much the opposite has taken place. They tried again to introduce food and she's been unable to tolerate it; brings it back up. Each day she has more pain; not less and got weaker not stronger. She was very pale and blood work showed her hemaglobin quite low, only 7.9. 12 is normal. They gave her 2 units of whole blood last Friday to bring up her level and thought it would give her an energy boast. We all thought her discharge in several of her tubes had changed color and looked like blood, but when we questioned it we were told no ...docs don't think there's a problem. The following day her hemaglobin had dropped yet further to 7.3...a whole point lower after getting 2 full units of blood. They continued to monitor her blood counts over the wkend and it dropped a little bit more; but not drastically so. Sunday they decided yes, she was bleeding and they needed to schedule an endoscopy to determine the source of the bleeding. This is a risky procedure for someone who's had stomach surgery; though they said they would be very careful. The concern is pumping air in there to see, and rupturing the stomach due to the stitches etc.

Monday they did the endoscopy but told us they still didn't know the source of the blood. Yes she had blood in her stomach, but there was too much for them to see to know what was causing it, so they wanted to do it again the following day. Today that is, Tuesday. Today, we were told the same thing; it was too bloody to know the source of the blood. They think the source is ulcers, lots of ulcers that they saw on day one of the procedure and again today. Though in both cases they say they are not bleeding ulcers, but they think they might be seeping, oozing. They want to do yet another one tomorrow. Get this! The main reason they want to do another one tomorrow is someone was suppose to prep her for todays test and didn't and thats why they couldn't see!!!!!!!!! This woman hasn't been through enough; now because of yet another medical persons fault she has to endure more?

She was out of it most of the day today, she's still bleeding, she's getting the prep and they will consult ....the surgeons and the GI guys to determine whether or not to do this again tomorrow. They're typing and crossing her again for more blood and checking her hemaglobin again.
***forgot to mention she got 2 more units of blood yesterday.

Tired, frustrated, worred and now we're approaching the 5th day since we first wondered if she was bleeding.

Spent all day at the hospital, came home for a break and will return again a little later this evening.


  1. Sandy, I hope you don't take this as me adding to your troubles, but it really seems like this hospital is just...not doing a good job. I suppose thi sis the way healthcare is in a lot of places these days, but I encourage you to keep a detailed notebook, because it sounds like they are being very sloppy and oblivious of obvious signs the patient is displaying.

    I'm thinking of you every day. Take care.

  2. Sandy I have to totally agree with Margie....something is just not right with things...I am so sorry that it is not, and all of you are going through this...My prayers continue ......Please take care of yourself......Big hugs are coming your way....

  3. I am so sorry to hear that things aren't better yet. It must be so scary for you and your family to have to go through this day after day. I really feel for all of you. Take care, and I hope things start to improve for your mom soon.

  4. Wow, you and Sandie both are in such turmoil over family members. I sure hope that things will take a better turn for all of you soon.

  5. this is such a stressful time for your whole family. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and hope you get some good news soon.

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