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Friday, March 13, 2009

2 Chest Tubes, ICU...Day 15

We got another surprise yesterday in ICU. Got there wanting a report on the callopsed lung and expected to hear update regarded the possible removal of the respirator. Instead we got news they wanted to insert a second chest tube for the other side of the lung. Apparently, even though puncturing her lung was a mistake and not what anyone wants the upside is that things were draining well. They felt draining the other side with chest tube rather than another needle extraction was needed to remove as much fluid as possible to increase her ability to breath when respirator was removed and to improve her vitals. So, another painful day for Mom. They pulled off quite a bit of fluid during the procedure and even more after by way of the tube. The got her situated, medicated again after the procedure and I think thats the most restfull I've seen her in this long 2 weeks. We all left, as visiting hours were over. Hubby and I headed back when visiting began again at 9 pm to tuck her in. I like to stay until I know she's sleeping and as comfortable as possible. Last night is the first time she was asleep when we got there and remained so. We checked on her 3 times before heading back home.

With any luck at all the next post will be that she's improving, and things are looking up. I thank you again for your support and prayers.

Knitted 2 pair of booties yesterday during our waiting time. Will toss some more yarn in my bag today as I prepare to head back to the hospital.

**Favor to ask
I posted a mini new post on my travel blog (it's nice to post something unrelated to the hospital, something I already have pictures edited for etc.), please stop in look around, post a comment or two. I'd really like to improve traffic on that page. Thanks!


  1. I sure hope today will bring better news of an up trend in healing.

  2. Hope tomorrow is a better day for your mom.

  3. Sandy,
    Didn't know this was going on because I haven't been on Twitter in a long time! Will add a link to your blog from mine so I can follow you more frequently. Will be keeping you and your family in my prayers. Hope to get to see you next week (we'll be in town on Thursday & Friday, and part of Saturday in case you're around the house).

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