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Monday, March 16, 2009

Today day 18, in ICU

Well by the title you can tell Mom didn't get moved out of ICU yesterday. It was another tough day with another feeling of going backward. Such a let down after you think it's finally going the direction it needs to. She was pretty uncomfortable yesterday with having several x-rays, a new central line being put in (arterial line); and an old one removed. Problem is Mom is a very very hard person to stick, draw blood, start IV etc. They have to really work, often get multiple people, and she ends up bruised head to toe. This is frustrating to her, painful and makes her anxious which makes her vitals jump and be less stable than they should.

The person who removed the central line didn't come prepared with what she needed to complete the job and left the room part way through to obtain supplies, somehow doing that the water used in conjunction with oxygen started pouring in through the nasal cannula. She thought she was drowning, as did my Dad who ran for help. That incident made both of their blood pressures sky rocket. Emotionally she was on edge all day, as was he. Her bed was soaked, she had to moved alot to get everything cleaned up which caused her to be in more pain and wore her out.

On the positive side, she had several bites of soup, juice, and jello yesterday. Her nutrition is still really coming from the tube feeding; but....they're introducting clear liquids for the first time. I think thats pretty exciting.

It sounds like if they need her bed in ICU today, she may be moved out; as they consider her stable. Being stable is obvioiusly a good thing; though she's apprehensive about going to a different part of the hospital. In step down areas and regular areas of the hospital you obviously have less nurses taking care of patients and thats a bit scarey.

Hoping today is a better day. I'm going to the hospital before heading to work. I do feel I need to try and get back to work again.

Again many thanks to all for the prayers, and well wishes.


  1. Sorry to hear things were anxious yesterday. I would be apprehensive myself if the only reason they're moving her is because they need the bed. That's not really a good reason. If you feel she needs to stay there longer, fight it. If there is no one who can be with her all the time, I would think that is a good reason, with a feeding tube and chest drains.

  2. Wow that had to be a scary day for your family yesterday not to mention the discomfort your mom was in. Sure hope things go better today.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that things are still so up and down with your mom. It is good news that she is starting to eat a little bit, though. Hopefully things will continue to improve, even if it is slowly.

  4. I'm sorry I haven't been around much but, I want you to know that I have been reading and have your Mom in my prayers.
    I do pray everything gets better really soon.


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