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Sunday, March 29, 2009

And on and on it goes! Mom 32 Days.

Well...as the saga continues, they did not do the 3rd endoscopy. She was prepped, we were told it would be early am so naturally we all planned to be there. Late Tuesday evening the surgeon came in and verbally said no, they weren't going to do the procedure. However, thats apparently all he did. Her tube feeding was stopped at 12 mn which was part of the procedural prep, and in the am, the docs in endoscopy called the unit to say they were ready for her. One of the nurses started to do the last part of the prep, when my younger brother who'd gotten there early said not to, as he had been there when the surgeon said they weren't going to do it. So....back and forth. Communication has not been good. Finally, everyone realized they weren't going to and started her tube feed again etc. Surgeon still thought it was the ulcers. They continued to check her blood, and as it went up and down they would give her more blood. She continued to bleed, though for a day or so it looked like less; then she had 4 bouts of throwing up the bloody drainage junk, count went down etc. The whole week has been this way. They've continued to give her heparin for blood clots since she's not active, insulin due to the tube feed, IV's, meds for the ulcers, meds for nausea, chest x-rays done daily to check on lungs (trying to hold of pneumonia).

We still just don't know how things are going. One day or even part of the day things seem better then she goes back severall more steps. Her frustration and depression are apparent. Today, they got her a special bed. The hospital rented this high tech special bed to try and help her with the back pain she suffers. Fingers crossed that helps her tonight get a decent nights sleep. She's managed to be up in a chair about an hour the last 2 days but is in pain when she does so; and then is totally wiped out afterwards.

Thanks to all for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. I've continued to knit like a mad woman spending all that time at the hospital.


  1. This must be pure torture for all of you. Continued good thoughts.

  2. I'm so sorry this is still going on without improvement. I truly hope your mom starts to feel better soon.

  3. So sorry to hear this, Sandy. At least you can be with her during this time. I'm sure your mother is frustrated and depressed as it is difficult to have no control over what happens to you and see no progress in the way you're feeling. I hope they are able to find out what's wrong and treat it so her suffering ends soon.

  4. I went thru something like this with my mom-
    very stressfull!


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