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Friday, May 11, 2012

Flipping out, It's Friday

Flipping out realizing I've missed a few Friday's and some WIPW, where does the time go. Just finished this scarf last night. Nothing fancy, but warm, soft, and large enough to keep someone warm. This Lion Brand Homespun garter stitch scarf is a one skein scarf, courtesy of donated yarn on Bridge and Beyond. I love this blue it looks like the ocean to me...changing slightly as you go. This is the 2nd scarf I've knitted and donated from this donated yarn.

I blogged about the first scarf during the week long challenge when it was finished, molded to look like a dog talking....HERE. It too was donated, in fact this one was already delivered.

And I had fun finishing my Martini Cotton Washcloth. That's right I said Martini, and I said mine. I staged it, also for the week long blog challenge. Take a look HERE, please and thanks.

Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things as I start visiting you all to see what you've been working on. Need to mow today, then I think it's time to perhaps start working on another afghan. You all probably wondered about that. Figured a few scarves and cotton cloths would be a nice break from the larger more tedious work of putting together afghans.

Anyone use bloglovin? I just joined it yesterday. I've not yet added this blog; but think I will...added Traveling Suitcase just yesterday. With summer travel's coming up, you might want to have a look, I've been blogging up a storm over there. Even added a series that's called Menu Monday with reviews and recommendations for places to eat when you travel.

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  1. That scarf looks lovely. I'm glad you can get homespun to work for you I've given up on it lol. What are you making for your swap partner?

  2. Thanks Ashley for the visit, the swap partner gift is a secret...but, I'm not sure she blog visits, sooo it might be ok. Was working on a cotton cloth, but...now not sure.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know that. I haven't been able to get followers either and I don't know why. Maybe I will just delete the google profile. Good luck with your swap!

  4. Happy to help Ashley

  5. Love the scarf! It has this really subtle, but wonderful effect. I think that what you did with the striping was just perfect! Great work as always.

  6. There is never enough time to do everything you want to. Seems like the days are even getting shorter lately.

    have a happy weekend :)

  7. Very nice scarf and cute martini cloth!

  8. The scarf looks great. I loved what you did with the first one...very cute and creative!


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