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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Moving on to Plan B

Plan A, was to use the 6 donated skeins of tweeds with the medium grey yarn I had in my stash in stripes. Apparently my memory failed me here. I thought I had 5 or 6 skeins of this grey...I don't. I only had 2. Must have used them previously and forgot. Had this yarn a really long time, plus don't believe the Caron Wintuk is even made any longer. Soooooooooo, I have plenty of the light grey, but....it's not really the right shade to pull it off solo...is it? I could use it with stripes and end, as I began with the darker grey? Or I could really go strippy (leaning this direction currently); with other colors that pick up on some of the colors in the tweeds. 2nd problem is.....the Caron Wintuk felt a bit heavier to me then regular WW, even though that's how it's labeled, and the 6 skeins of tweedy yarn is labeled chunky. Soooooooooo, now the yarn I'm thinking of pulling in will be a variety of types/weights and welllllllllllllll, hope it all comes together.

I think I need to go hunting through my 2 large bags of blue stash to see if I have a shade or two that works, lots of blue in the tweeds-- and blue and grey always go together in my book. So this afghan in the works has just gone from a planned out ghan to a let's see what happens as it progresses. I will be adjusting as I go. Each time I knit a section of the feather and fan afghan, I'll decide what comes next based on how it looks. With all the colors in the tweedy yarn I think I'm going to need to see it to decide.

AND, I have officially changed my year of projects list in the tab to take off learn to knit socks, and removed Candy Corn Ghan. I've added 2 afghans to assemble for Bridge and Beyond, and this Feather and Fan...which needs a name. Unsure at this point if this one will be donated to Bridge and Beyond or be an item to be auctioned off where the money would then be donated to a shelter. Will decide when I see how it turns out.

On Friday, I finished another cotton washcloth, that wasn't on the list. You can see it if you scroll back to previous post.

YOP badge and link in sidebar, list above in tab, and am contemplating next years list.

Enjoy your long weekend all, but do take time to give thanks to those brave men and women who serve in our military, past and present.


  1. I think seeing how it plays out is a really good idea. I wish I had the yarn to be able to do that, i bet it's really interesting to watch it develop

  2. Seeing them all arranged in a circle that makes me think that they'd work together pretty well. I think you should proceed and decide once you're further along.

  3. Thanks ladies for your input; appreciate it. As I've taken breaks from mulching today and come in to cool I keep staring at it...feeling better about the colors now. Will keep you posted.

  4. The colours look good together, I'm with you on blue and grey, I like them together.

    It feels good to scrub things off the list when it's not going to be.....I'm looking forward to thinking more carefully soon what I will do in the next YOP.

    Have a good week!

  5. You are certainly facing quite the conundrum here. Although you are so experienced and awesome, that I know you will figure it out, it might not be easy at first, but you certainly will! I'm very excited to see how this progresses, please keep us posted!

  6. I really like how they are all looking in the circle together but I think your right to decide as you go along and it may surprise you and be your favourite ghan of all.

  7. I love blues and greys together. I can't see you making a bad choice however you decide to progress. Well done on revisiting the list, there were certainly some on my list that defeated my best intentions.


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