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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Today is Sunday

Sand Box Afghan Design
Retro Afghan DesignToday is Sunday, you know what that means?
We're gonna have a quest today,
Sweep out the cobwebs
So the welcome can be seen.

Actually believe it was Tuesday, quest star day I'm thinking about, and am remembering bits of pieces of the song The Mouseketeers used to sing. The "real" Mouseketters that is. And give out a hip ho ray, and wiggle your ears, like good mouseketeers cause Tuesday is Quest Star Day. Anyone else as old as dirt, like me and remember it? The did a dance with brooms in hand and some part of it was opening and closing doors...I hear the music and see it happening on the old black and white bubble t.v....in my mind saying...sing songy Today is Sunday and this silly old thing popped into my head. lol

It's Sunday and what that really means is, time to update the Year of Projects listing and do some blog visiting. It's been a very hectic week, so very little knitting has been done. I did manage to finish another cotton washcloth (posted it on FOF, scroll back 1 post to view it). I started a 2nd one with the left over cotton (forgot I wanted to weigh what I had left to determine if I had enough), eye balling the cloth and what I have left, I think I need to add another color in the middle and maybe have enough of the cotton to end with. Gonna play through. This isn't on my list, in fact the last several projects haven't been.

So, I'm making a change to my list...I'm deleting learning to make socks from my goals list. Truth is...I'm simply not going to do it, others things need my attention. I do think I'll slid it on to next years list though. AND, the longest work in project ever......Candy Corn Ghan, might meet the same fate. I'm just feeling the love. However, for the time being am leaving it in limbo, in that I'm not yet removing it from the list. Officially that would be the last specific item on my list; but...the afghans I assemble for Bridge and Beyond is continuous so that really never gets done.

I'm having some indecision, jump in please and thanks with your opinions. I have lots of yarn, there is no good reason to buy more, so try always to use the yarn on hand when I assemble. In the thinking stage is on above ghans. First one I'm calling Sand Box, the 2nd one Retro. I have lots of this yarn.
brown variegated yarnI have a bit less then in the picture, as some was given away in the last contest on Bridge and Beyond; but certainly enough to edge and join either, perhaps even both. Does it work? I don't want to purchase dark brown or turquoise and don't have enough to do retro...and can't quite decide if it would work better on Sand Box?

Happy Sunday, Year of Projects tab has full list. Badge and url in right sidebar. Am beginning to formulate next years, as this year officially ends June 30th.

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  1. I think the yarn would be great for the 2nd blanket, the one with the turquoise squares. It's hard though to tell without having it right in front of me. You are the best judge. Go with your instinct. I've never seen a blanket you finished that I did not like :)

  2. It's a bit hard to tell without the name of the colorway to see a detailed picture on the Red Heart website but if the lighter colors are similar to that turquoise, I would say it works well with the second if you can only use it for one. If you have enough, I think it goes with both.

    I hear you about retooling the list. I'm trying to finish as much of this book as possible because I want to go in a totally other direction for next year :).

  3. Thanks ladies for your visits and your input, appreciate both.

  4. Sometimes you have to change your goals as you change. Socks can wait for a while, so can the afghan. Wonderful work as always!

  5. I think it goes with both, but if you wanted to use it for the first afgan, it would look lovely!

  6. I, like the others, think it would go with both too, if you have enough that is.

    I want to learn sock knitting, but it is definitely for the next round of YOP, as I have still got things to finish....

    Hope you have a lovely week.x

  7. I, like the others, think it would go with both too, if you have enough that is.

    I want to learn sock knitting, but it is definitely for the next round of YOP, as I have still got things to finish....

    Hope you have a lovely week.x

  8. I think that yarn would look lovely with the first blanket--as usual both are lovely. I am not going to learn socks either this year, but have hopes for next year. So much to do and learn and so little time.

  9. I can't quite picture the borders in a variegated yarn like that. I guess you'll have to try and see what you think.

    I think you're absolutely right to slide a few things off this year's list onto next year's - after all, if you're like me you totally overestimate what's possible and likely. No point in getting in a lather about it, just do what feels right.

  10. I have no clue actually on whether that yarn would work w/the above pics. I'd say hook a bit in one spot to see how it looks, take pics, and then decide.
    It's okay to put off goals onto another year. You're being practical and responsible.

  11. My list has been changed and rearranged all over the plce, I wouldn't worry about it. Sometimes you just don't want the same things a few months later, and sometimes the pattern just doesn't work with your yarn so it's best to change than have soemthing you aren't happy with in the end. :)

    The blankets look great. I think you just have to try out the yarn and see what you think :)

  12. I too think your variegated yarn will go with both but also think that you will see whether it does or not when you start to assemble. Sometimes I like the combined colourway of a variegated yarn but when knitted or crocheted it looks entirely different to what I imagined.

    There is just not enough time for anyone to fulfill all their dreams and wishes so removing the ones that are unlikely to be achieved is a good move, leaving more time for those that actually are do-able.

    Good luck.


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