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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Projects Projects

Been working on these lovely feather and fan blue lace scarf. As you can see it's grown about 8 inches since last I showed it to you. I love this color of blue and DK weight yarn is awesome. I don't have much left as you can see. So, stopped working on it since I was away from home. Wanted to measure it and see how far this might take me, then decide whether or not I'm going to need a 2nd skein. Looks like I will.
And, since my last WIPW post (2 wks ago), I've started this scarf...the 2nd one actually. Will show you the completed one on Friday. Straight garter stitch with Homespun, always a hit. This is for Bridge and Beyond and is being from yarn donated to me. Worked on while out of town, and the flight...perfect no count type of project.

My other work in progress is an additional Blog, Flat Stanley and Friends. Takes some time, as you probably know to select a theme, move things around, write some posts and begin getting visitors, followers, people to comment etc. Inviting you all to please have a look, leave a comment let me know you were there. This blog is to help parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, baby sitters and Kids look at their spare time differently. To see learning possibilities, even if small in life around them or far away. I'm posting Flat Stanley Adventures with ideas of things to do with the kids with a similar experience in your area. I'm inviting everyone, KIDS included to get involved. On Saturdays each week, I'ld like to post your adventures. I know almost everyone has been involved helping a neighbor, a student, a family member with a Flat Stanley project of some sort. Sometimes they're writing assignments, sometimes history can play a part, sometimes art, geography and well...really there is no limited. Kids can color their Flat Stanley or use one of mine and get involved in something. Send me your Flat Stanley adventures--be they old ones or news ones that you create and I'll post them every Sat. Saturday will be Flat Stanley Sharing Saturdays. Naturally kids complete names will left out for protection., unless you don't see a problem with it. Kids I'm sure would love to see their story, their picture, their adventure posted on the internet.

**Badges and links for WIPW in left side-bar, join us. AND Flat Stanley's Badge and link in upper right sidebar....please join us.**


  1. Everything looks great! You're really making progress on the scarf.

  2. Anonymous10:14 AM

    Wow, that's a lot that's going on! I remember how much time it took me to set up my blog - and I'm still tinkering with it. Good luck with all that!

  3. Love the blue of your feather and fan scarf. It's gorgeous!

  4. I love the stitch pattern for the feather and fan scarf, and the yarn you chose gives excellent stitch definition! Lovely!

  5. Mmmm, I like my scarves long enough to wrap around a couple of times, so I agree with the second skein decision. Lovely blue!

  6. Wow! You're constantly busy and thinking up new stuff. Good job! I love the blues they're so pretty.

  7. Yay for Flat Stanley! One of my middle school teachers had my class do a Flat Stanley project thing for her nephew once, and it was fun---I love that you're using the wide-reaching arms of the internet to continue that tradition.

    I also love your feather and fan scarf. Great colour.

  8. a lady at church gave me a couple skeins of that homespun in a brown. My daughter wants me to make socks with it.


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