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Friday, May 18, 2012

Thank Goodness it's Friday

A true TGIF! LONG day yesterday at work 10.0 hours, hot and very tiring day. Walked 17,768 steps at work yesterday. Was on my feet that whole time..with the exception of maybe two 10 minute breaks. 6.737 miles. Once I made it home, elevated my legs, iced my swollen knee and poured a substantial glass of wine-and had dinner of frozen pizza...I was able to finish the sea shore cotton washcloth. I'm pleased with how well the self stripping shows up with the simple stitch. Straight stockinette stitch, with 3 garter stitches at the beginning and ending of the rows. Did 8 rows of straight garter at the beginning and end for the border. Measures almost 8 inches. I've always loved blues and greens together and might need to find more of this particular color blend.

I've never made a cotton throw, as wool or acrylic is needed during the cold months here; but was thinking a cotton throw for summer might be nice...maybe that's because right now we're having cool temperatures again..who knows. My list of things to make is really to large to think about making a cotton throw, I just really like the look.

Happy Friday one and all. I'm off to work for another day like yesterday. Sure not looking forward to it, though it will be a bit shorter then yesterday so that's a help.

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  1. Sounds like a great (and truly relaxing) end to a thoroughly exhausting day. Glad you made it! I love the striping on the washcloth, it is so calming and would be perfect as a spa accessory. I can only imagine how soft and comforting a cotton throw would be, you should do it!

  2. I love these colours! Makes me a bit cooler and refreshed just to look at them!

    One thing - a cotton throw can be really, really heavy. If you were to attempt it I'd go for a really lacy pattern.

  3. A cotton throw would be a great summer project. I love working with cotton when it's hot!


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