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Sunday, May 19, 2013

To do Lists

Happy Sunday one and all.  It's time for another year of projects update.  I've done a cut and paste here of the afghan section of my year of projects list.  As you can see one part of it is complete.  I've assembled 10 afghans from donated squares.  The latest, Blue Jay was posted for finished object Friday, please scroll back one post.  The 2nd portion of the afghan list was to complete the longest work in progress ever........EVER.  I have, as of today officially marked it off the list.  And will insert an 11th ghan made from donated squares in it's place.

My Afghan Goals:
To complete 12 afghans:
10 from donated squares (10 down and 0 to go)
1.. Summers End
2.  Sandbox 
3. My Granny
4. Christmas Time 
5.  Buckeye Blitz
6.  Box of Crayons 
7.  Arapaho
8.  Desert Rose 
9.  Iris and Lillies 
10. Blue Jay

Complete Candy Corn Afghan (longest work in progress project EVER)
Finish the Feather and Fan Afghan (knitted), that finally has a name, Sea and Sand
  **Sea and Sand in the works

So will revise the list on YOP tab to read 11 from donated squares (10 down and 1 to go).
Considering which ghan to work on (have over 20 designed and waiting), between these 3.  Not sure which one I'm leaning on.  Need to check my yarn stash.  Feel free to state which one you think I should work on, why, which one you like best etc.

Pink Persuasion, might use pink or off white/beige to edge and join
Purple Iris, hoping I have purple to edge and join with; but will look at green stash, with fall back beige.
 Or maybe this one, called Wee Irish.  Checking to see what shades of green I have to pull this one together.

With summer vacations on folks minds, and school's closing approaching, wanted to take a minute to invite you all to my Flat Stanley blog.  The blog is geared towards things to do with kids to keep them learning, or start them learning for the younger ones.  There's a bit of history, geography, spelling, coloring, puzzles and more.  I give examples of things you can do to help the kids remember certain things.  Recently Flat Stanley completed a month long blogging challenge and traveled the US in the process.  Use the search portion of the blog to insert the states you'll be traveling to or through on your upcoming vacations to see ways to engage the kids.  AND, I invite you all to do a Flat Stanley project with your children, grandchildren, students, neices, nephews, or kids next door.  Sat and Sunday's are days when I share kids Flat Stanley Projects.

Let's Get Social Sunday Time Too, link in meme tab


  1. I get to be first to comment, that is so rare for me lol. I love Pink Persuasion and think creams on the edging will just make all those pinks pop some more. Well done on getting all 10 complete and adding to it and on finishing the longest ever project, I'm off back on your post to check it out now.

  2. Wow! 10 done and only one to go....you must share your secret! LOL! I love them all but I must admit I'm partial to the Irish one since I have quite a bit of Irish in me.
    I did Flat Stanley years ago with my daughter and her classroom as she's a teacher and also with my grandchildren. It was fun for them and me too. Have a great week!

  3. Sam I am, would you be willing to share, pictures and stories of your Flat Stanley adventures so I could add them to the blog?

  4. I think I'd go for Purple Iris, but I'm sure it'll have to be whatever works with stash yarn for borders :)

    TEN Afghan already!! WOW!

  5. Thanks for linking up to Sunday Social at Call Me PMc ~Paula

  6. Wow, just wow. I know that you are a prolific crocheter, but I still cannot believe that you finished that many afghans! You are just too amazing. I'm so excited that you were able to meet your goals! It sounds like you have some new ones too!

  7. Looks like I have one vote for each one...lolthanks all for the visits and comments.

  8. What a great body of work..it is really impressive..I'll be sure to check out your other blog!

  9. They are beautiful!!


  10. You are one busy gal! And thanks for following my blog.

  11. Your afghans are beautiful. So I gotta ask ... after you complete one do you celebrate with a martini from DH??

  12. The afghans are coming along nicely! Can't wait to see what they'll look like when there finished!

  13. love afghans! And yours are coming together great! Glad to have found your blog:)

  14. I love some of the colours used, you have inspired me to give a small one a go!

  15. Such nice comments, thank you all!

  16. I like the pink one best. Of course, it depends on where the cover is going to be displayed. Pink wouldn't look good in a minimilist batchelor's flat. ;-)

  17. WOW that looks so lovely and so hard. you are telented

  18. I like your afghans and wish I had your talents. I have some fond memories of when a niece sent flat Stacy to me and we visited the donkey rescue where I worked at the time. My pictures were a huge success at my niece's school. And flat Stacy was a huge success with the donkeys. I should post those pictures sometime.

  19. Inger I'd love to share your Flat Stanley adventure on the blog.


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