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Friday, May 03, 2013

Oh Friday, You are MY Friend

WOW, it's been a fast week.  I had planned to have my post written and scheduled and totally missed getting that done.  Been a busier week then normal, with promises of busier yet next week. 
  • I make a really good Lemon Drop Martini
  • I don't like fish, though I do eat tuna salad
  • I've worn glasses since I was in the 4th grade, and started wearing tri-focals about 15 years ago
  • I dislike winter immensely, and with each year am more impatient for spring
  • I'm not an animal lover.  In fact, I have a fear of many.
 The above picture, lunch counter ladies is for your amusement, it is after-all Friday!  No one looks good in hair nets and lab coats, so we decided to make faces along with it, and heck why not play with the adjustments of color on the computer and really make the silly picture even more ridiculous.  Taken awhile back on a particularly crazy day at work while we were in the "test kitchen".

Enjoy your week-end.  Link and badge for Friday 5/Random Friday in meme tab.  It's fun join us.


  1. Lemon drop Martini sounds good. I love tuna fish. I wear glasses for driving now that I've had my cataracts removed. I dislike summer and I love animals. Different strokes for different folks! Happy Friday!

  2. I am not a martini girl but lemon drop martini sounds quite appealing, I'm one of those folk who like both summer and winter, have 4 cats and a dog would have more but hubby says no...pretty cute photo

  3. Right there with you on not liking winter and being impatient for spring, more so each year! You asked on my blog how I posted the diptychs and triptychs. I create these in Photoshop Elements which creates them as a photo file and then post that to the blog. In other words, it's done outside typepad in my editing software.

  4. Thanks Snap, Lynn and Dotti for the visits and comments. Thanks Dotti for the info on posting the pics, I don't have that software and I don't think the one I use has it, but going to do some looking around.

    Have a good wkend Beth

  5. cute pic! I hate winter too!

  6. A yummy lemon drop martini! I'll be right over. Lol.

    I love your pic. Fridays are made for fun!

  7. I like the goofy photo! Everyone needs to act silly sometimes. :-)

    I like winter and love animals. But differences make the world go 'round! I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a fun week ahead.

  8. Thanks Medha, MaRY and Tiny for the visits and comments. Mary...come on over, will be serving Martini's on the deck about 7, dress casual.

  9. I have worn glasses ever since the 4th grade too!! Looks like a fun and zany group. Love the picture.



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