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Thursday, May 09, 2013

Blogging Troubles

For those who use Disgus, this set up is probably costing you visitors to your blog and comments.  People generally aren't going to join Disgus in order to leave you a comment, and most people also aren't going to sign in through facebook etc. to do so.  If you have an option to change your settings you would be doing yourself a favor.  Recently involved in several blog challenges this problem has popped up, and there's been much discussion about it, the comment I've seen most is people are avoiding blogs like this, so you're costing yourself blog traffic.  It's very difficult to leave a comment.

Those using google+ are also an issue.
*Many of you may not be aware and wonder why folks aren't returning your visits and comments.  Google+ has a setting now that does not allow others to comment, in some cases your blog isn't even visible unless people register with google+.  You are losing people without knowing why, as many of you don't have means of contact...people aren't able to let you know.  I've been able to alert several, who did not know of the problem and change in settings; some have been able to fix the problem.  If you're one who's fixed the problem, please leave the instructions on the fix so that we can pass along the information to help others.  Please leave it here the comments and or email me directly at sandycrochet at gmail.com*  It's my understanding it has to do with a default setting that has recently been changed by google+.
This is what folks see when they're not able to leave a comment.  If you click on this it requires you to join google+.

Additionally, it would be best to facilitate return visits and comments if you did not use your google+ profile page, people have to go searching for your blog and click a 2nd or third time to get to you.  Please use the drop down box and add name and url of your actual blog vs your google+ page, and or use hypertext in your comment to direct to your blog, not your profile page.


  1. too much, too much stuff.. I've run into that with the google + trying to return comments, it is as frustrating if not more so, than the words you have to type in...:(...it makes you not want to participate. I have spam moderation on my comments, and I view what I have before they post, I take that responsibility as the blog hostess, not put it on the commenter. All good advise you gave Sandy. I've noticed too, if you don't have facebook ( I don't), this also hinders those of us who don't for participating in comments,giveaways etc.. I like things more simple. Have a great day friend..Friday wine day is coming for you...:)

  2. I had the same issue with some blogs which was annoying. Hopefully my blog isnt like that. I dont think its set with google +

  3. Amen, Sandy ~~ I just give up with Disgus, thoroughly disgus(ted).

    Same goes for Google+ of which I am a member to get FREE Blogger pictures (I ran out of the free ones that come with a blogger account). But I refuse to make a profile because it takes over the Blogger profile and doesn't give an outlet to your blog post for many. Those will say that XYZ has nothing to share with ME.

    Bummers both.
    I came to see if you had another way to Friday Five's. I'll keep looking. In the meantime I pulled mine.

  4. This was very interesting Sandy. I consistently find myself confused by Google +

    Sending wishes your way for a good weekend!



NO Google+ Profile Links please. Comments with name and url, or hyperlinks so I can return your visit.


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