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Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday is Here!

Usually try to post Friday 5 early in the day; but today's work schedule prevented that.  So, here we are almost cocktail time and I'm just now getting it written and posted.
  • I have allergies and lately the sneeze factor is annoying
  • Hubby and I went to The Theatre Wed to hear/see The Tenors.  They were awesome.  Nicest date we've had in awhile, but we were both tired...we don't usually go out on a "school night".
  • Had hoped to have finished this ghan, Blue Jay and be able to show it to you today, as my finished object Friday Post, so since it's not finished...not linky up. (broke my crochet hook last night while working on it and had to dig around to find another one).
  • Looking forward to having nothing planned for this weekend, as we've both been rather busy lately.
  • I'm looking for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins who have kiddo's in the family.  AND or folks who might have a neighbor with kiddos.  I'm wanting to get folks to share their Flat Stanley experiences/adventures.  If you've done one in the past with your kids...please share your story/adventure/pictures etc.  I'd like to add them to my Flat Stanley Blog.  AND if you've not done one, how bout doing one now?  Inviting you all to visit Flat Stanley and Friends, please click HERE.
For those here for Friday 5 (badge and link in meme tab) who may not know, the afghans I assemble are generally made from donated squares and once assembled are donated to Homeless Families Foundation, though my charity blog, Bridge and Beyond.

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  1. You BROKE your crochet hook??? I am So Totally impressed. You must have been in power mode . . . I'm KNOWING these afghans Bless the World - with the Power you Pack Into Them.

    love & love,

  2. Very pretty afghan -- you are so talented!

  3. enjoy your weekend...love the afgan

  4. You do lovely stitching. I have never heard of breaking a crochet hook. You must have really worn that one out making all your lovely afghans. No kiddos in my family except big ones with none of their own yet. May Flat Stanley enjoy his adventures. Thanks for sharing and visiting for R5F ... :) Pat

  5. Thanks Maggid, Nancy, Deb, and Scarpatches for your visits and encouraging words. The hooks I used are plastic because of them being lighter weight and better for the carpal tunnel and arthritis etc. Not the first time I've broken one.

  6. Greetings!
    I wanted to respond to your "Kirby Question."
    he lives safely at a place called the "Missouri Primate Foundation" - i get to help in very small ways . . these primates were kept in homes - or as performers - the situations they were in did not go well for them - this is a safe home for these special creatures.

    Great Day to You!

  7. Wow, Sandy!!! ~~ That "I broke my crochet hook last night while working on it ..." beats any of the "my dog ate my homework" excuses I have ever heard!!

    This week I went to the church three night as it was our church's time to have the Family Pomise (Google that, you may have this in your town) clients for a week.

    Two nights we ate with them, then another night we spent the night there, and Friday night Mrs. Jim ate with them.

    When I "pulled" my blog I meant that I sent it back into "Draft," but it is posted again this morning already when you came.

  8. Thanks Maggid for the follow up info, very interesting. Jim, thanks for the info and visit, I will indeed do a google search.


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