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Friday, May 17, 2013

Loving Friday

Purple Iris's about 1/3rd opened in my back yard.  I have them up and down 3 fence rows and in flower beds around the side of the house too.  I love this flowers.  So large, so pretty, so deep in color.  These are what my Mom used to say were double Iris's.

It's Friday folks, time for 5 on Friday, Random 5 and time for Finished object Friday!
  1. As people wrap a busy week and look forward to the wkend I give you natures beauty, in the form of the beautiful Iris's.  Soon, the yard will be at what I call it's purple stage.  I also have wild Geraniums that are lavender blooming.  AND, see the wee tiny blue-ish purple, those are Forget Me Nots, so as soon as the Iris really take hold it's a purple person's fantasy.  I also love that these purple beauties came from my parents yard.
  2. I have for the first time in awhile finished a project and therefore have a finished object to share with on Friday.  Yippee.  Must decide what to work on next.  Should I start something new....or try to finish Sea and Sand Afghan (a feather and fan pattern), or get brave and rip out the couple of rows I need to in order to get to knitting the green sweater for my Darling Daughter?  The finished ghan, Blue Jay is being blocked in the picture and will, like the others be donated to Homeless Families Foundation through my charity, Bridge and Beyond.
  3. Friday night at our house is Pizza night, do you have a Friday night tradition?
  4. Schools are on a delay here this am, due to some pretty substantial fog.  As of the writing of this post, 8:30 I can now see the end of my backyard, though it is still foggy.  No doubt closer to the river, and in out lying areas is still difficult to see, and therefore dangerous.
  5. Managed to weed half of one fence row yesterday, and that almost filled 1 of those large paper yard trash bags.  Half of one bed, was enough bending and stooping for me.  Gotta pace myself

Not the best lighting, but it's a good non foot travel spot to do blog afghans.  Had to give some pretty good tugs here and there to get this even; thus the beauty and necessity to block afghans........even when made of acrylic yarn and even when crocheted and not knitted.  Yarn from different makers varies a bit, people use different size crochet hooks and have different tension as they work.  ANd even when the square measure close to the same size...you have variances that are helped when you block a ghan.  AND, yarn gets dusty on the shelves in the store, picks up odors in our homes, human and pet hair, and oils from our hands.......washing a ghan is necessary.

FOF and Friday 5 Badges and Links in meme tab, please join us.

Happy Friday all.
(BL5, FF5, CF5, FOF10)


  1. Loving those purple iris (irises?). Mine haven't yet put forth blooms, so I'm waiting... :)

  2. When the kids were at home...we always had a Friday night tradition...not so much any more..

  3. Thanks Nancy and Bev for the visits. You know Nancy...I'm not sure of the plural either. lol

  4. I can imagine your yard must be stunningly gorgeous when all is in bloom. Happy Pizza Friday!!

  5. I love Iris', ours are about done here in the south of france, and poppies are now beguiling us with their flash. What a lovely thing to do, crochet for the homeless. Lovely photos

  6. Thank you Deanna and Lynn for the visits. Nice to see so many folks like Iris the way I do. Thank you Lynn for the sweet comment about crocheting for the homeless.

  7. I cannot imagine how difficult it must be to carefully block an entire afghan, but you being the lovely person you are go the extra mile. You are sure to brighten the life of some lucky recipient with that gorgeous afghan! Also the flowers are beautiful, how lucky you are! Also, pizza night sounds like an amazing tradition!

  8. Nice afghan! You touch that thing in me that want to try its hands at making an afghan someday...
    Love the flower too :)

  9. Thanks Pumpkin, what sweet comments. Natasja...thank you!

  10. We do the pizza thing on Friday nights here too!

    And your irises are absolutely gorgeous! I love the different shades of purple!

  11. Very pretty iris. My mom always called them flags. She had the purples and golds along her fences. Congrats on finishing up your projects. That's quite an accomplishment.

  12. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Blue Jay is looking wonderful well done on getting another afghan complete.

  13. Karen I'm unable to visit your blog as your name goes to your google profile and I'm not finding a blog. Please use name and url option and leave the link to your blog so folks can visit you.


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