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Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Late to the Party

Hi all, it's early Monday morning thought I'd try to get this posted before heading to work.  Missed getting the post up for YOP yesterday.  Hope spring has finally come for most of you.  I have daffodils blooming which has me very excited.  And you can see Flat Stanley is also quite excited and wanted to get right out there and smell the flowers.  Some of you may know I have a Flat Stanley blog, and it's in the April A-Z Challenge.  There's tons of stuff there, so am inviting you all to have a look see.  Everyone learns with Flat Stanley.  Any of you parents, grandparents, teachers....would love you to get your young ones involved.  (ok end of my commercial)

I finished Iris and Lillies, and posted the final picture for Finished Object Friday.  Click or scroll back to see the finished afghan which is another that will be heading to Homeless Families Foundation through my charity, Bridge and Beyond. 

YOP List:

My Afghan Goals:
To complete 12 afghans:
10 from donated squares (9 down and 1 to go)
1.. Summers End
2.  Sandbox 
3. My Granny
4. Christmas Time 
5.  Buckeye Blitz
6.  Box of Crayons 
7.  Arapaho
8.  Desert Rose 
9.  Iris and Lillies 
Complete Candy Corn Afghan (longest work in progress project EVER)just don't know if I'm gonna pull it out of hibernation or not...sigh
Finish the Feather and Fan Afghan (knitted), that finally has a name, Sea and Sand
  **Sea and Sand in the works haven't worked on this in a couple of weeks

The goal accomplished last year, learn to cable. I want to make a skirt for myself using this new skill. Need to re-find the pattern for starters.
Changed to  The cabled scarf DONE

I want to make time for working on items other than the above afghans. I kept so busy with those last year, many other wanted projects didn't happen.

Cast on....I know there are other methods beyond the traditional one I always use. I get all tangled up when I try to do the thumb one and so ....do it old school...the long slow way. Would like to learn another faster cast on. No headway

I have a knitting machine, haven't used it in over a year. In fact removed it from my office in order to make room for my antique Treddle Singer Sewing Machine. Would like to set up a space in the basement and use it some again for accomplish quick things for charity, No Headway.  Bridge and Beyond.

Personal Projects:
 Need to block a blue scarf I knitted AND cable scarf mentioned above
Want to try the above mentioned cable skirt
Misc whatever items for DD (perhaps the jewel tone traveling scarf now in the works) and family, made scarf intended for DD, but ..colors didn't come out the way I hoped. (that was the above cable scarf, and she tells me she really doesn't need another, yet.  So perhaps it will be donated.  Project turned into a Green Sweater which is in the works.
perhaps even some washcloths for myself....in the works

So, in the works is the a washcloth for myself, the green sweater for DD, Sea and Sand Afghan
**No Headway...cast on, knitting machine, Candy Corn Ghan


  1. I love Flat Stanley! He visited a few years back and we had a great time! LOL!
    Your afghan turned out gorgeous. It looks purple to me and I too love the swirled back and white blocks. You did a great job and all for charity....bless you!

  2. Flat Stanley..what a wonderful idea! I did see the afghan earlier but it is worth a repeat look.. It is one of my favorites that you have finished..probably THE favorite..but I know you have more to come, so that may change.

  3. I still can't believe you've got 9 of 10 afghans done! That's tremendous!

  4. Hey Sandy,
    I decided to take a moment and visit all of my followers (brandysbustlings.blogspot.ca) and I have to say that I love your energy. My Baba (grandma) crochets and while I do not, lately I have been finding unique patterns online and purchasing them for her. I already have quite a collection of afghans "made with love from Baba" (she has labels that she attaches to her blankets that say that). I think your charity is a beautiful thing and I will try to visit more often :)

  5. Nine afghans so far this year is INCREDIBLE, I really admore your knitting dedication!

  6. Your list is looking good. i've always wanted to try a knitting machine. I saw one once on Knitty Witty a few years ago they used it to make a hammock. Long tail cast on is my go to cast on, have you tried cable cast on? NO thumbs involved.

  7. Thanks folks for the visits. Delia, need to find a video to see what a cable cast on is, thanks for the tip.


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