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Friday, April 19, 2013

Almost Instant Gratification.

The beauty of small projects is you get a chance to let you mind breath, and you get almost instant gratification.  AND, if you're one to make a list you get to cross something off...that's always a good feeling.

I don't do many small items, but may have to start doing a few more.  Plus, you feel like there's more variety in the work you're doing.

And so, we have one knitted cotton washcloth, looking all springy.  After finishing this the other night, I started another; but this will be the traditional Grandma style, corner to corner cloth.  I know there's not enough left of this variegated to make another full cloth, so will see if the yellow or blue solids I have in my stash blend well enough to add when I run out of the variegated blue and yellow.

Enjoy your Friday, and share your Finished Objects, see links and badges in meme above, AND for Friday 5, as well.

  1. I drink high test coffee only, mentioned that a few Fridays ago.  I only drink 2-3 cups a day, and only in the morning.  Always wondered how people could sleep if they had coffee through out the course of the day.
  2. I think it's finally safe to say spring has arrived, people have begun mowing their yards, ours is in need.  I used to enjoy mowing; but my arthritis in my knee has me not wanting to do it now.  Guess hubby will do the bulk of it this year.  
  3. I don't get why so many people have tattoos.
  4. I'm closing in on being finished with all the blogs posts for the last of the 3 blogs I registered in the April A-Z Blog Challenge.  Got 3 more posts to write for the travel blog, X,Y, and Z.
  5. Heard about a website where you can make a newsletter, that might be my big project for today....wish me luck, I've never made one before
Enjoy your up coming weekend folks.


  1. You have alot of stamina for the long project my friend..I don't do many ( hardly any ) really lengthy projects after that hexy ghan...although sometimes the small projects I make like the cottage potholder requires time, but in small stitches. It can take me up to 3 weeks to complete one. Yesterday 83 in NE Ohio, today 63 much more comfy and raining...safe to say spring has sprung. Enjoy your dishcloths, it is a spring color and is cheerful. Have a happy Friday night with your glass of wine or two...:)

  2. Thanks Faith, we're having a cold wet day again today...but am hopeful it will warm up.

  3. Spring certainly hasn't arrived where I live. It's raining and 38 degrees! Yuck!

  4. well at least Spring has arrived somewhere...still waiting here, even saw snow flying today..good luck with your newsletter, sounds interesting!!

  5. Welcome to Spring! Those small projects use up the yarn stash! :D I'm not a coffee drinker, but I drink loads of tea. Ptuiii on arthritis ... I feel your pain.

  6. You sound like a busy lady! Your washcloth is pretty. I have crocheted some, and I like using them. I've never been able to knit, but it's on my "learn to do before I die" list!

    Spring has definitely arrived here in Virginia. My husband is mowing the yard this afternoon.

  7. i think tats are just a form of expression. just like a story or picture. they enjoy keeping them with them. memories. i have met a lot of great tatted up people - some even are Christians. shocking for me that was taught that they are not the thing to do. it is a learning experience for me. & i thank GOD for that. ( :

    have a great day.

  8. oh, i don't have any tats, but i know plenty of folks who do & i think it is great. more power to what makes you feel happy, feel at peace or makes you enjoy life.

    to each his own, right??!

  9. Spring arrived in western Oregon several weeks ago, but it's still quite chilly! The tulips are beautiful. I'm glad it's finally where you are!

  10. Yes, spring is definitely in our neck of the woods, too. About time but now everything is covered in yellow pollen.

    I am with you about the tattoos. Gross!

  11. Morning only coffee here as well. If I drink it later in the day I can't sleep.

    Have fun knitting! Happy weekend! :)

  12. I make those cotton loop pot holders on a loom, like Girl Scout projects in the past. They are the only ones that work perfectly and wash well. And is a small project!

  13. I am on that kick as well - making small items. Love the washcloth. I made a washcloth for a friend here and gave a face wash along with it for her birthday.

  14. I, too, love the instant gratification, which is why I love to make earrings vs. necklaces, etc.

    I love seeing your projects.


  15. Thanks all for the visits, much appreciated.


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