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Friday, April 12, 2013

It's all About Friday

Combining 5 on Friday with FOF(meme's for those all in tab at the top of the blog)
First...the finished object.  Finally finished the afghan called Iris and Lillies.  Iris because of all the purple and Lillies because of all the yellow.  There are about 6 shades of purple and 3 shades of yellow.  There have been many pictures of this as a work in progress and people keep saying they like the black and white swirls and the yellow and blue.  LOL, purple never shows up well in pictures, though it looks purple on my computer I know that varies.  I keep referring to the purple, makes ya wonder if that many screens are different color wise, people don't read, and or why is purple such a hard color to show up correctly?  Anyway, it's another of the ghans being assembled for my charity, Bridge and Beyond from donated squares for Homeless Families Foundation.

  1. Though it's another dark gloomy day here in Central Ohio....you might think you were Ireland.  Seriously, in the last 2-3 days it's gotten soooooooo incredibly green.  The grass is waking up from the it's winter dormat blah stage, it's been feed with the recent rains, and warmed up.  Very green and very pretty.  I hope the weather men who say we're in for a few more snows are wrong, my daffodils have started blooming.  The yellow dotting the bright green..........puts a smile of spring appreciation on my face.
  2. Do to technical difficulties, our cable not working we missed the season opening of Mad Men.  We both love the show and have been anxiously awaiting the 2 hour special.  Feet up, wine poured Sunday night we were ready.  ARgh.  Thanks to the cable men ...all 3 crews it took to fix it on Monday and Tuesday, we're operational again.  However, not in time to get it recorded yet.  So, fingers crossed tonight we'll get to see it...or get it recorded if it's on late so we'll be ready for the 2nd episode.
  3. I've been involved an April A-Z Blog Challenge, which has been fun, exciting, challenge, and some days disappointing.  You blog in alphabetical order everyday, except Sundays.  I signed up 3 of my blogs.  The point is to be able to finish...the challenge.  AND meet new bloggers, by visiting at a minimum 5 blogs daily for each blog you signed up. 
  4. It's almost time to get my bike out of the shed, wash it, check the tires to enjoy some bike rides.  I enjoy riding my old cruiser, heck it's an antique it's from 1971.
  5. We have a long standing tradition for Friday night.  I never cook.  It's always pizza night for hubby and I.  We might change what type of pizza we get, but 99.9% of the time it's pizza and beer for him, and pizza and wine for me.  It's the way we kick back at the end of the week.
And, now ...off to do some blog walking through the various Finished Object Friday Meme's and the new one I'm enjoying Friday 5


  1. Looks great! It's always been purple in my head ... and it looks purple on my screen today.

  2. Your afghan is beautiful! I'm partial to purple, and it looks purple on my monitor.

    I used to live in Ohio, in the northwest corner--Bowling Green. Spring always came late there. I'm in Virginia now, where it has been summertime hot this week.

    Enjoyed your 5!

  3. sounds like a great friday meal. ( :
    good luck with your blog hopping it can be tough. take care. enjoy your weekend.

  4. So aggravating when a favorite show is missed -- I do hope you get to see it in reruns.

    Your Friday pizza night sounds like a great tradition. Yum!

  5. The finished afghan looks great. i'm sure the recipients will treasure it. Lucky you to not cook on Fridays! Weekdays, weekends its all the same. I cook. We only eat out occasionally. Guess its healthier, but cooking on weekends gets old real quick.

  6. Is an afghan something similar to a quilt? Looks beautiful. The A-Z Challenge is quite time consuming, stressful, yet fun...I really want to be able to complete it. Fingers crossed!

    Four Leaf Clover

  7. Pizza is fabulous for Friday! :)


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