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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Garter Stitch Cotton Cloth

Sometimes you just need the basics.  A cotton washcloth that works well for either a dishcloth or a washcloth in the shower.  Love the springy colors, and what's more basic then good old garter stitch?  I love garter stitch and sometimes it's nice to have something  you don't have to think about, you don't have to count, you don't need a pattern etc.

Having just complete another large project, (crocheted afghan, Iris and Lillie), I needed a quick little something that was portable.  It's travel with me to work, and is something I can easily work on in between things, and while watching TV.

It might go to Bridge and Beyond, it might be a secret gift, and I might be a wee bit selfish and keep it for me.  I've made more of these then I can count......but I don't any for me, myself, and I.

Happy Work in Progress Wednesday all.  Badges and links in Meme Tab above.


  1. Anonymous4:01 PM

    There is no more enjoyable knitting than working on simple dishcloths or washcloths and everyone needs them! Love the colors in your yarn. Happy simple knitting! Blessings, Marie

  2. Nice colors! I've never used a crochet/knit cotton wash cloth, but have always been curious. Do they work as well as conventional wash clothes?

  3. Thanks Marie, I'm glad to see your anonymous comment didn't end up in the spam folder, they usually do. Next time use the name url option so there's a link back to your blog or blog post so I can come visit.

    AL Perkins, everyone I know who uses them loves them and says they work better.

  4. Your wash cloth is lovely! There is something s comforting about knitting a wssh cloth and then using it.

  5. I get a thrill when I go to my parents place and they have my washclothes in the guest bathroom.
    I think they make a place instantly friendly (which, lets face it, when you're using a foreign shower you want to feel comfortable)

  6. I think those colors are great for the season! I've only ever made two dishcloths, but they are great for scrubbing my kitchen countertops etc. Maybe I should make more!

  7. I know exactly what you mean! I am knitting some baby wash clothes for a friend here. I like that they knit up fast!


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