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Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Friday, Everyone's Favorite Day

Hello Friday (5 on Friday and Finished object Friday)
  1. I drink coffee to wake up, but want tea in the afternoon, or tea when I'm cold, or tea when I don't feel well.
  2. I like wine, dry wine.  Typically I drink White(favorite Pinot Grigio) to sip and Red with dinner (Pinot Noir).  I tent to like lighter reds over heavy like a Merlot.
  3. I rarely drink pop, maybe twice a year.
  4. I like Champagne, we always have a bottle with our traditional Christmas morning brunch.
  5. I love milk and it took me forever to get used to 2% after drinking the real deal forever
Finished another little project, the traditional corner to corner Grandma's Favorite cotton dishcloth.  Little projects are very satisfying.  Need to make 1 maybe 2 more and get rollin back on some major projects again.  Had planned to make myself a couple, then remembered this would be good for my Pay it Forward Gifts, then found out a friend's husband is very ill and thought she could use a pick me up with say homemade soap, pretty cotton cloth and a card.  So, looks like I'll be making more then I had planned on.

Join us for Finished Object Friday and or Random 5, links and badges in meme at the top of the blog.


  1. Love your grandma's dish cloth! And your 5 Facts. (Visiting from ARJ)

  2. I tend towards Merlot. Not sure why.

    Love your dish cloth and you are so thoughtful to make up a gift for your friend. xo

  3. I like different beverages for different times, too. I drink a lot of soda, though. Diet Pepsi is my favorite.

    The dishcloth is so pretty, and you are very kind to think of others with a gift.

  4. Pinot noir is my favorite. Tea is awesome at certain times of day. I like it iced in the summertime. The stronger the better!

  5. Tea..but I'm a little finicky about it..so I never drink it out..

    I drink coffee only when I'm out cuz I hate home brew..

    I should own stock in the coca cola company...

  6. i love tea. all sorts. i have never been brave enough to pick a wine. i will sample them when other folks pick them. i know folks tell me what goes with what ... fish gets white wines. & red goes with meat. but i need more help than that. i need instructions. ha. ha!! have a good weekend. ( :

  7. I love this stylen wash/dishcloth. I was crocheting once at the VA and someone sitting in the chair next to me asked why I when to the trouble of going corner to corner. I believe they are sturdier.

    You are such a kind person Sandy, always thinking of others and their needs and feelings.

  8. Love the half-half mix of yarns!

  9. Thank you all for the visits and nice words, appreciate it.


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