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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dark and Gloomy Wednesday

Got the two areas in front weeded.  Paced myself and did some last Friday and finished on Sunday, then hubby got picked up the first round of mulch.  I say first because it takes more then several.  20 bags is what fits in the back of the Explorer and that's what you see here is 20 bags.  These aren't real large areas in front of the house, but I bet 20 bags isn't going to be enough, as I eye ball it.  I should remember to write down how much we use where from year to year.  So, perhaps posting here on the blog will aid me next year.

In previous years I would have probably weeded and mulch both areas in a day.  Can't do that now.  The arthritis in the knee and back being a problem.  Must pace myself.  Do things in shorter time frames, and then ice the knee.  Getting old is not the "golden years".  It was a pretty day though to be outside, sun was out; but it was still quite cool and windy.

Monday I did the larger of the 2 areas to the left of the door and about half the other side, when I decided the body had had enough for one round.  Mulch is spread much thinner then it should be, so my initial eyeball that 20 bags wasn't enough seems to be correct.  But, it's a start.  Will take several weekends for this work in progress, and probably about 5 more trips to buy more mulch to get the 2 sides, all around the deck in back and the 3 fence rows in back.  I'm thinking I might like to do away with one of the beds and let it go back to grass, getting to hard to keep up.

Having finished the basic square, side to side garter stitch cotton washcloth started everyone's favorite...Grandma's corner to corner with what I had left of the pretty blue, white, and yellow variegated.  Just started here with the yellow from my stash and am now at the decreasing part, so just over half way.  Plan to make maybe 2 more....shhhhhhh though, am working on Pay it Forward Gifts so mums the word.

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Dark and Gloomy, looks like night instead of morning, more rain is expected....which means I probably won't be finishing the mulching today.  I'm ok with that; but hope to do it tomorrow so there's a few days between before taking delivery of the next load.


  1. The yarn suits the knitting so well :)

  2. Yard work is a killer! But it looks nice. I have a stretch of my yard in need of a similar treatment. . . just picking away at it, so the neighbors know I'm not totally ignoring it.
    --Rebecca at The Ninja Librarian

  3. Some how I missed this posting and I just found it in my in box. The garden is looking good. I am envious for your garden. We live in an apartment in the city so we have balcony pots. I am happy but would love some serious dirt! And I am making that same washcloth for a baby gift - the lady is a knitter and is knitting all kinds of things. So I am making her nice washcloths and giving her baby bath soap with the cloths.

  4. Thanks all for the visits and comments. Great idea for baby gifts pretty little soaps and cloths Martini.


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